yaquigrande(6)August 4, 2008

I pulled this from one of my cucumber plants today. I am growing Minnesota Midget melons nearby in containers. The taste is sweet but not too strong. The smell is all cucumber.

I wonder if this kind of thing is common given that the two plants are related. It is the only one I've seen so far. This is the first time I've grown the two plants in the same season.

Image link:

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They can cross although it is rare . The Armenian "guta " cuke is actually a melon . Save the seeds and start a new vegetable .

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Your plant is not a cross of the Minnesota Midget melons growing near your cucumbers. A cross between them would happen in the seeds and would present itself next year's seedlings. But that wouldn't happen anyway. Cucumbers and melons don't cross in the garden.
Did you buy the cucumber seeds(or plants) you are growing? Or did you save seeds from plants you grew last year?

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I bought the seeds. I guess the thing that intrigues me is that this is clearly two different fruits. If you look at the picture you can clearly see that one side is organized like a cucumber and the other is organized like a cantaloupe. Also, the flesh has the consistency of a cantaloupe. The taste of the fruit was not like a cucumber at all but a subtle sweet cantaloupe. The last thing is the "cantaloupe" pattern on one side of the fruit. I definitely pulled this off a cucumber plant. Someone else said that it was more of a "chimera" since the fruit showed definite characteristics of both a cucumber and a melon.

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cantaloupes and cukes will most certainly cross in the garden. I have to ask where else could they cross. Not being a smart butt either really curious. They are related and bees don't dicriminate with pollen. This how so many new variety's of squash, beans, gourds etc got their start.

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This cross didn't happen this year. IF it is a cross and not just a mutation, then it happened in the field where your purchased seeds were grown last year. Got it?

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Thats a cool lookin cuke-e-loupe. Wish i could try a bite. Deffinately save those seeds. And maybe send me a few :P :D

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