Can different Viburnum spp. cross-polinate eachother mutually?

njbiologyAugust 21, 2007


I want to plant edible, non-cultivar viburnums which are native to my local area (Northern New Jersey). These would be: V. lentago (Nannyberry); V. Prunifolium (Blackhaw); & V. trilobum (Cranberrybush). In addition, I would plant V. nudum (Witherod) which is not edible.


Must I plant a pair of EACH individual specie in order for polination to occur for fruiting, or will they mutually polinate eachother, despite being different species?

Note: I do understand that when they are of the same specie, them must not be too closely related (i.e. two Viburnum lentagos must not come from the same mother plant); I am just wondering if, for instance, V. lentago and V. nudum, etc. could sucessfully polinate eachother.



p.s.: If anyone is growing an American Persimmon or Salix discolor that is greater then 20', please let me know - I'm looking for a full photo beyond the score of what I could find online.

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mistercross(z6b Ozarks)

You got an answer of "yes" in another GardenWeb thread. All of those you mention have 18 chromosomes.

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