Merry Christmas!

moonwolf_gwDecember 25, 2012

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas! Santa brought me a new camera!!! It's a GE camera, but it has more options and fuctions than my old one. It even has flash! We had our Christmas dinner yesterday, and we open gifts then anyways. It was just my parents and I, but still it was nice.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day! :-)

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Merry Christmas to you, too, Brad, and to everyone here. Glad to hear you got something you can really enjoy. The adults in my family decided to quit doing the gift thing a few years ago and it sure takes the pressure off. But now we have our first member of the next generation - my grand-niece, who is 3-1/2 now. And it's so much fun to be getting gifts for a little one again!

Denise in Omaha

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Hey, thanks and the same to you Brad!

Did Santa bring you any Hoya's? I sure wish he would of brought me some.
I just finished watching the 'Scrooge' animated movie with my Mom. It was awesome and quite realistic.
I also noticed a few buds on one of my Hoya, and I wish I could find my camera to take a pic...Looks like I shall have to put that on my wish list next time around:-)


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I hope everyone had a happy holidays indeed! I have to say I'm a little worn out from the "festivities" and glad to know I'm working over New Years and have an excuse to balance out my system and start the new year clean as a whistle.

A camera is a super wonderful gift, Brad! I'm happy to hear we'll be seeing more pictures of your plants. I got back yesterday to see some well developed sp. Ko Chang Island (IML 1508) buds, so I'm hopeful to snap some pictures of those tonight. I recently got hold of a new camera myself, so we can be shutterbugs together.

Santa is bringing me some Hoyas but his sled is a little delayed by the bad weather. :) Anyone else get some new and exciting additions to their family?

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Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to all here.
I spent my Christmas with family.
I hope that in 2013 I lose less Hoyas. Hopefully I will add new ones that I can keep alive.
alba in Hawthorne,CA

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Santa did not bring me any Hoyas, and I haven't gotten "The Urge" to give in and buy one. I'm pretty much out of space for any more plants.

Well, it sounds like I'm all alone here, as none of my plants have buds. Not even my nummularoides. I may have to give it a dose of tomato fertilizer since it is showing some growth. I have my latest plant addition, an African Violet just finishing it's cycle of blooms, and my Maid of Orleans jasmine just finished blooming with three flowers.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Personally, I wouldn't expect Hoyas to bloom in the Northeast in December.

Merry belated Xmas, Brad, enjoy your new camera & to paraphrase what my Mom would have said 'use it in good health'.

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Merry Christmas to all! I have no buds as yet. Brad I look forward to lots of pictures with the new camera!! Have a Blessed New Year. ~ Mary

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I don't have many Hoyas that aren't under lights, but DS-70 is blooming in a north facing window now, so I'm sure there are others that would bloom this time of year even up north. :)

I think it's nice you're growing African Violets again, Brad. They can be depended on to bloom their little heads off even between Hoya cycles. I especially like the species varieties... sp. velutina is the. cutest. ever!

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