Peduncles in winter

blfresh(MN/4)December 14, 2010

I have a KP that I picked up this year from Lowes, an EA plant. It has done very well and now recently has started putting out a lot of peduncles. I'm not a houseplant newbie but I am new to hoyas. Is this normal? It is in a large south facing window. It started a few weeks ago with just a couple but now little ones are popping out on many stems. Is this a precursor to growth with carnosas?

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Hoya carnosa is a species that does well in cool temperatures so this time of year they seem to bloom more heavily than in the heat of the summer. The production of peduncles means that your plant is getting ready to bloom although flower buds are not always produced as soon as the peduncle matures.
Congratulations and I am sure once your plant flowers that you will count it as one of your favorites.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Mike,

Can you say pls, what is it you read that tells you things like this, that Carnosa does well in cool temps.

I live in a hot apartment w/ no AC & strong western light. It'd be very useful for me to learn warmer loving vs. cooler loving Hoyas, maybe I'd get better growing & blooming results.


I don't think your experience is really common, so maybe read up around here, see what you can learn & enjoy!

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If you can find a copy of DL'S catalog he gives the temperature tolerance for a lot of hoyas.


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The SRQ site also has the Hoya temperature tolerance document. Beyond using the document you have to do research on the natural habitat that Hoyas are found in or at least their natural range but that is a very broad area. If you can find elevation data on where specific Hoya species were collected then you can search for the climate of that area. Hoya carnosa is mainly found in Southern China but there are also very similar species being found in Northern Thailand and Vietnam.

The site also has some info on Hoyas and where they are found if you click the Map of Origin link in the left hand margin.

The Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia has a useful chart for temperature/elevation reference as well, just scroll down a little from the top of the page.

Generally when a Hoya decides it wants to flower if it's putting out new growth peduncles can be quite numerous. Some seem to develop peduncles on their new growth only vs developing them on older sections of vine. Often you will get new growth with peduncles that will form buds and bloom even before the leaves develop. I often wonder if this is a good strategy to keep the blooms more visible to the pollinators but seeing as most Hoyas are night fragrant they are probably visited by moths, maybe butterflys are the day time pollinators lured by colourful blooms?
Just thinking out loud. LOL


Here is a link that might be useful: Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia

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Thanks everyone. I didn't find cool vs. warm in the forum but I did on the web.
Mike - you are exactly right. My carnosa is sending out stems and the leaves are not developing yet but the peduncles are going crazy. I also found where carnosa appreciates cooler temps. Thanks for your input. I was worried that the plant was doing something that would weaken it.

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Is there anyway you can post a picture of it? I would love to see it..

Is it variegated?

What does AE and Kp mean?

Great info here..I am really enjoying all your help everyone..


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KQ = Krimson Queen

KP = Krimson Princess

EA = Exotic Angel


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Thank you Dave..

You have a beautiful plant there..I think I have the same as you..Same leaves and same coloring..I love this plant even without the flowers..I have some new leaves coming in pure pink and white too..

It seems very easy to grow indoors and there is lot's of new growth on it, even we approach the shortest days of the year in my bathroon in an esterly exposure..

What you call "penducles" at the end of your vines, are they not just the new growth nubs ready to put forth new leaves?
I thought "penducles" were the small shoots that grow off the vine that developes flowers and not the nubs on the end of the vines..I have leaves that come from what your are describing looking at your pictures..

Great pics by the way.



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Dave: Thanks for the pics..

I thought it was "Blfresh" that posted the pics since I asked of him/her. Just now I noticed the screen name..We have yet to see "Blfreshe's" pics

That was very kind of you to do so for me.

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