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tulips101(5a sterling il.)March 11, 2013

I was thinking about putting 2 little lime hydrangeas or 2 little lambs in the front of my hoise im going to take out 5 evergreenns that have seen there better days.But the house is white and i was thinking little lime might be better contrast.
Would anyone have maybe some better ideas i would like to keep in the 5 foot range it getts a good amount of shade and faces north im in zone 5.
Im new at this maybe someone might even have better ideas about some flowering shrubs for this place it would be 2 on west side then 2 on east side with a cement porch in the middle.
Isure could use some help thank you.

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Paniculatas do not need much shade -- in fact, they will grow better and produce heavier flowering if given a fair amount of sun (even full sun). Little Lime starts out green but eventually whitens and then turns pink. It does have a greater range of color than Little Lamb and will stay smaller, so perhaps a better choice.

What about a regular big leaf hydrange? These are far more desirous of a shadier location and most of the reblooming cultivars are fully hardy for your area without winter protection as well as offering much more intensely colored flowers. Many of these are also much more compact in habit than the non-rebloomers and can be more easily pruned to size anyway. Some to consider are H. macrophylla Endless Summer, Twist 'n Shout, Let's Dance Starlight, Mini Penny and Pistachio.

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