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backyardmama(North Texas)September 11, 2007

Ruby throats have started arriving in North Texas and what fun it is to watch them battle it out. We have gone from 3 Black chinned to about 15 total - mostly RTs - in just a few days. The aerial battles are a hoot. This is our first year with hummers, so I'm not sure how long we will get to enjoy the pleasure of their company. But, you can bet we have started planning our hummingbird garden for next year.

BTW,has anyone had a close call or run in with a hummingbird beak while watching their antics. It sure seems possible.


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nanny56(IN 5b)

Hi, Sherry! We have rubies here in Indiana. My males left yesterday but we still have femaled & juvies. I have had some very close calls but not hit. I have been holding my feeder and get them to come eat and they will be flying all around me and in front of my face. They always seem to pull up in time but I suppose it could happen. We had one die last week ater hitting the garage door.

This is our first year experiencing hummers in this number and we have enjoyed getting to see so many up close!!

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I had an encounter yesterday. Had just changed new nectar feeder and I walked away and took 2 steps and we almost collided. Unfortunately, I scared her as much as she scared me and she took off. It was very exciting though, My heart was beating sooooo fast and actually I stood in augh for quite awhile. This too is my 1st time to have hummers (just 4 days ago) after 3 years of trying so I am just soooo EXCITED. My house and chores have gone to "POT" cuz all I do is watch for "MY JEWELS". Have fun with your hummers as I am, just hope it keeps up for awhile cuz I am not FILLED with their presence yet...I will be soooo SAD when they leave.

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backyardmama(North Texas)

I totally understand about the house and chores. It's all I can do to not cut out early from work. I think we must have a very long hummer season here in North Texas. I was a little surprised to not see any ruby throats this afternoon, but I wasn't out as long. When they come through an area do they leave within a couple of days? It seemed like there were more black chinned today.

Oh yeah, one of little males hit the gutter yesterday and it knocked him backwards about 2 feet, but he managed to fly off. I made sure there weren't any in the pond directly underneath that area when I got home today.

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dees_1(West TN - 7)

We're new to hummers too; have five feeders in front of the house and four in the back. A hummer got caught in the garage a couple days ago and ran itself out of steam. I picked it up and held it for a couple minutes while it recovered.

Yesterday while I was in the process of filling up a feeder, a young hummer flitted around me. I just stood there holding the feeder while it hovered and drank. Apparently I wasn't a threat because it hung around me the whole time, waiting for fresh food. As soon as I put it back together, the hummer landed on the feeder about 1 inch from my hand and ate. Others were dive bombing but the little one didn't budge. Just a couple chirps to let the others know to stay away but I think that's what I was doing. Bird hung out with me for about 10 minutes, until my husband came near. Then it took off.

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So good to know I'm not the only one leaving the house go to enjoy the hummers! I started last year with a small garden and was so excited in June when I saw from my back door a hummer, I wasn't sure what it was at first. Just last week after I had put up another feeder, trying to locate it out of site from the others, so all could feed, two hummers took chase and flew right by my head while I was sitting on the glider in my yard. It has a hood over the glider and they flew in between the hood and seat. I could hear them buzzing right by!

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backyardmama(North Texas)

I used to be the biggest couch potato of all time - would come home and head straight for it and the tv. Now, I will go outside as soon as I get home and stay for hours watching the birds. I was even glad Survivor doesn't start until next week. That might very well be the only show I watch this season - now that's a miracle and I owe it all to my little friends.

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backyardmama: You sound like me. Soon as I get home I grab a cold drink and sit outside to Hummer watch. And now its cooled
off so with the front door open I can see the feeder from here :) So sad theres only one Hummer left.. but he still stands guard of the feeders.

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backyardmama(North Texas)

I am saddened that today I only saw one hummer. We were gone for most of the day and upon returning about 4:00 pm, I went straight out for my daily dose of amazement. I found 4 (1 four port feeder and 3 singles) of my 7 feeders empty and quickly refilled them. I believe there was enough in the other 3 (2 humzingers and a perky pet) to fight over, yet there was only the one little hummer. All had been filled within 1 1/2 to 2 days ago. I hope they will return tomorrow to find that all the feeders are full. I've learned that I need to fill them two the top now...unlike just a couple of weeks ago. This has been such a learning experience.

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sharondw(Chesapeake Bay (Eastern Shore))

Want to have some fun & real enjoyment? When I was in the yard by the deck this spring doing my weeding I had a hummer come peck at my shoulder. A bit later when I was sitting on the deck (a break) he was back to peck at my shoulder. After giving it some thought I realized I was wearing a red shirt. So I tried something over several days. different colors. When I had on the red shirt he would peck at me. I was so excited. Now I will wear a red shirt when Im going to be out there for awhile just so I get a little hummer kiss. :)

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backyardmama(North Texas)

How fun. Maybe if I wear red my hummers will return.

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