Trademarked plant names

jacqueinthegorge(USDA 8 / Sunset 5)August 5, 2013

Hi folks, not sure this is the right forum, but it looks close!

Can the same hybrid have more than one trademarked name?

For instance, I have a hybrid Hydrangea, Shooting Star, but when I look at photos, it looks just like Hydrangea Fireworks, and at least one web site says they are the same. How does that happen?

I am growing two Fuchsias that look exactly the same to me. One is called Blacky, the other is called Roho's King.

And I have some Dahlias where the same situation seems to apply. Darned if I can see the difference between Wink and another (whose name escapes me right this second, and the plants are not available for me to check the labels).

My guess is that more than one licensed propagator is selling each plant, but I'm wondering why they would sell them under different names.

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Hi jacqueinthegorge,

I haven't noticed any duplicated Trademarks, but I suppose it is legal. I would imagine that this kind of duplication would not occur with Plant Patents. I have noticed that seed companies can call the same cultivar by different names, although TMs are not involved.


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