lots of new hydrangeas

darobi2459(5)March 23, 2013

I planted 8 new varieties (to me) last summer/fall! I cant wait to see them in bloom. They are Lets dance-moonlight(i believe), endless summer, nikko blue, and a couple vine types.

I was thinking of taking some cuttings. Is that a good spring time, or fall thing to do? I tried it late fall but failed, they all rotted.

Summer seems endlessly away right now!


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If I were propagating, my first choice would be to get a cutting that has no flowers after leaf out; time-wise, I would get it in late Spring but before the start of the middle of the summer. But, keep an eye on the moisture; if yours rotted as you said, it sounded like they got too much water.

fyi: my second choice would be to get cuttings during winter since mopheads can also be grown from hardwood cuttings taken during winter.

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