Can 'Early Blue' really be moved outdoors?

bobmark226(5 Woodstock, NY)March 18, 2008

I know the common wisdom about florist Hydrangeas as not being able to be transplanted outdoors, but over the weekend I picked up a gorgeous deep blue, almost purple, one labelled Early Blue from Kurt Weiss, apparently a mass distribtuor of flowering plants (

The tag clearly states "Plant in part sun to full shade in rich, organic well-drained soil.....etc. etc."

Anyone have any experience with Early Blue? Is this perhaps an outdoor specimen that's now being sold as a potted plant?



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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

"Hydrangea macrophylla ÂEarly Blue was launched at the Dutch flower auctions in 2006" - so seems bred for cut flower/florists trade.

"produce six or more flower heads as well as sturdy stems that need no support. Thanks to its compact size and the relatively small leaves ÂEarly Blue is not easily damaged in transport. "

The florists type macrophyllas can be transplanted outdoors after hardening off (greenhouse grown so tender like an annual when you purchase them), but you have to keep in mind these have been on a temp, light, fertilizer regime to produce large blooms at a particular time of year (i.e. holiday, Easter) without regard to overall plant health. Sometimes they are long lived and productive in your garden but there is also the possibility they will never live up to your expectations outdoors.

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