Hydrangea in full shade

natalie4b(7b GA)March 27, 2007

Will hydrangeas survive and florish in full shade? I have an area next to AC units that need some color and cover up. It is shady and kind of on a wet side. I was wondering if I work soil conditioner into a red clay, maybe some sand too for drainage, hydrangeas might enjoy being there. Is there any cultivar that tolerated full shade more then others? I am flexible with color. Prefer mopheads to lacecup.

Thank you!


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Most mophead hydrangeas need at least 3 hours of sun or dappled all day sun/shade to bloom well. However, even if the light conditions were good, beware of planting next to the AC. I have had hydrangeas next to the AC and they do not like that hot air blowing on them all day. (especially on top of the already gastly heat mother nature supplies here in the south) It strips the leaves of all moisture (even though I watered every day) and made them brown up and drop off. Wish I had more optimistic words but I really don't think this is a good spot for hydrangeas......yg

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I have a number of hydrangeas in full or nearly full shade that do just fine.

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I have several Annabell all in full shade. They do GREAT!! I also have a pink pigea I think is the type. It too is in more shade thand sun.

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Many folks have different concepts of what constitutes "full shade" so it would be helpful to get an explanation from the OP as to what they are dealing with. Full shade is typically defined as an area that receives NO direct sunlight - either under a broad overhang or under the canopy of a large evergreen(s) and no reflected light from walls or other hard surfaces. With very few exceptions, all other situations will receive at least some direct or filtered sun, specially in summer when the sun is high on the horizon or in winter when the deciduous shade trees are bare.

In general, any flowering shrub, even shade lovers, will prefer some direct, filtered or reflected sunlight to bloom well and not become overly leggy.

North facing plantings - which most folks consider to be full shade - really have a rather high degree of indirect light and are often alot brighter than many suspect, unless governed by those two other factors. And if away from a structure or other large shade casting object, can often be considered full sun.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

I am very hopeful this year to see some bloom. Planted lots of different hydrangeas last year, and expect them to bloom this season.
Thanks to all for your input!

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tulipsmiles(6 South of Boston)

Your explanation of full shade was very helpful! I have a newly planted Endless Summer on a north facing wall, that I was concerned about because of the full shade.

It will get no direct sun light in this spot, but certainly reflected light off the wall.

Thanks for that thorough explanation! I think it will do ok there now.

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