Ninja buds

greedygh0stDecember 17, 2012

So, I've been having trouble giving my Hoyas adequate time lately, but this weekend I gave them a thorough going over and was surprised at how many budding peduncles were popping up... everywhere! I guess a lot of the Hoyas I bought when I was starting out are finally turning the corner. xD

Anyway, most of the buds are too small to get in focus right now, but I thought I'd share a couple of pics with you. The more mature set of paulshirleyii buds (pictures 2-3) are about 4mm in diameter. The australis are about 8mm, so they're getting quite big and I just noticed them for the first time on Friday lol. I have 9 australises and this is the first one to bloom for me, so I did a little dance on the ceiling.

Maybe... other people will also take some pictures of their buds. *hint hint* Because I love bud pictures!

Happy bud watching everyone!

Hoya paulshirleyii:

Hoya australis:

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You lucky girl with so many hoyas with buds.
I am not so lucky,I have a few hoyas with peduncles growing from each new set of leaves but they do not bud up.
One such hoya is 0153 mulitflora and it is full of peduncles but no flowers:)


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oo! I have to say I would be very excited about that one being in bud!

I just got a cutting of it this fall from Iris and I cannot even begin to express how deeply satisfying it was to have a shot at comparing the multiflora to the javanica. Mine rooted but no buds yet lol...

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I'm still having trouble with seeing every batch of buds to term, but even when lasiantha aborts, I still find the development of these buds particularly stunning. I love the way they just drip from the peduncle like ruby wax.

Hoya lasiantha:

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These started opening last night. Thank goodness, because nothing else went right that night... >_>

This is a plant I bought as simply Hoya australis, from Violet Barn back when I was first discovering there was more than one Hoya. It is one of the prettiest australis collections I own. Its leaves are large as a palm and perfectly round and it branches a lot, so it's very full looking. It looks like a bouquet all the time.

Their website describes the fragrance as chocolate vanilla, which I can't work out since to me it smells mostly just ... like a very classic floral perfume. I'll have to smell it again tonight - I was pretty stressed and tired when I was snapping these at 1 in the morning.

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry and safe in the blizzard!

Hoya australis:

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Congrats on the flowers, GG!

Most of my Hoyas are sleeping, so it seems. I am keeping an eye on my shepherdii peduncles though. Bella has some new growth, so maybe I'll finally see some flowers on it.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I bet you will! It's a quick bloomer! Even my variegated one bloomed when it was still small enough to fit inside a small tissue box.

I know some people have good enough windows/rooms to grow without artificial light in the winter, but when I try most of my Hoyas slow down like yours. So, I guess I'm doomed to be a permanent artificial light junkie.

Still, it's not so bad having a slow season to give the gardener some recovery time...

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This is actually my sister's (one) Hoya. She doesn't know much about growing plants, but this is a good Hoya for someone who leans more toward underwatering than overwatering. She sent me a pretty funny txt when she first noticed these, saying "What is this?!"

Hoya polystachya IML 1043:

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This one is such a nice faithful bloomer.

Hoya sp. Kalimantan (IML 1168)

I haven't had any fantastic lacunosa displays yet, as my plants are still fairly small, but they each give me a peduncle here and there. I notice their leaves are brilliant again now that it's winter. I was afraid it was changing my lights that had made them look so dull all summer.

Hoya lacunosa Sno Caps

I've been meaning to photograph these for a while. I first noticed them when I came home after Christmas. The buds are now pretty mature and will probably open soon. This is a first time bloomer for me. I love the leaves on this plant. If you like heavily speckled leaves it's one to get for sure.

Hoya sp. Ko Chang Island (IML 1508)

It looks like the first buds on my australis are closing now, so they lasted about 10 days (although clearly the peduncle as a whole will span a greater period, as they didn't all open at once).

Hoya australis

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GG, you sure do have a few hoyas in bloom,lucky you.I just love australis.Not to much trying to flower except cystiantha and praetorii has fat buds.
I hope spring will bring me a tone of flowers,I have so many growing peduncles. I took this morning to show you all.

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Thought I'd throw in another australis, this one's ssp rupicola. As you can see, it's had a bit of history. Took the photo at night because the camera wouldn't do a close focus in the daylight. Also have lacunosa budding and flowering. But the buds are too small to come out and the flowers end up as a white glare with my camera.

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@ Cindy

Are those the praetorii buds? They sure are chunky! If those are praetorii and not cystiantha, I'm really surprised they look so different from those of lasiantha. Neat!


Cool story on the night photography. The shot didn't actually come out bad at all. Those buds look so cute, like a cluster of fuzzy little moth bums or something. I keep promising myself 'no more night pictures!' but I keep taking them anyway because I only mess around with my plants at night. The plant lights provide sufficient light, but I get a lot of nasty glare. :(

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GG yes those buds are from praetorii.When you showed your lasiantha buds,I thought hay that's not what my lasiantha buds look like.So had to go look at the tag and realized it was praetorii.LOL

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That really is fascinating, Cindy. I find the lasiantha buds keep a squared off look even as they grow fat. Here's an old picture.

Hoya lasiantha

Really different, huh?

Here are some DS-70 buds. This is the plant in a north facing window, and not really a super bright north facing window, either, as the next building is only an alley's distance away. Annyway, it's been blooming and budding, budding and blooming since late fall.

Hoya sp. DS-70

Also here is the Ko Chang Island, which just started opening today. It smells wonderful! Like honeysuckle. I also took some pictures that included the foliage so you could check it out if you haven't seen it.

Hoya sp. Ko Chang Island (IML 1508)

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Ko Chang Island looks like one I might have to try to get this year.
praetorii buds are not red like lasiantha but green. I have lasiantha just starting to grow a peduncle,I will have to pay closer attention.


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I agree with cpawl on getting that Ko Chang Island! What gorgeous leaves! And yes, the flowers are great too. ;-)

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