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maidinmontanaMarch 20, 2009

Hi, I saw hydrengas for sale at my local Albertsons, will they grow as an outdoor plant or do you think they are strictly for indoor use? I didn't read the tag, as they are usually mis-information in most cases.

I didn't realize there were so many kinds out there. Thanks to any and all replys.

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They are the same type of hydrangeas one finds in nurseries and garden centers, so theoretically they can be grown outside. However, the ones you find in grocery stores and other places in bloom now have been grown in greenhouses and with a lot of manipulation (light, temps, fertilizers, growth hormones) to be forced into bloom at a very young age and out of season. You can't take one of these home now, plant outside and expect it to survive.

If you can keep it alive indoors long enough - hydrangeas do not make good houseplants and these are intended as 'gift' or throw away plants - until it is safe to plant outdoors later this season, it is possible that you can transition these types of hydrangeas into the landscape. In your climate it would need winter protection. Generally, I'd recommend this type of indoor-to-outdoor transition be restricted to zones 7 and 8, as the chances of survival are much higher but if you want to try, it's certainly worth the attempt.

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