Attacked by the lawn mower

cherry67(6)March 19, 2013

So last year my husband bought what I believe was "Forever & Ever" and planted it in the front yard. Before he even put it in the yard it wasn't looking as healthy as it should, some of e leaves and flower seemed to be suffering from a fungus that was turning them brown. He apparently got sick of looking at it as it got pretty bad and to my dismay ran over it with the lawnmower. So now it's VERY low to the ground, but it does get some leaves trying to grow on it(no flowers yet). Should I expect it to grow to it's full potential, do you think it will ever recover? I am not very experienced with hydrangeas, but I did read they can be cut back, just not sure if being this extreme counts or not....

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It may recover. Sounds like it may have suffered from Powdery Mildew and-or some watering issues. Many mopheads in your zone will have stems that dry out during winter and grow again from the base crown. The F&E Series are rebloomers so they could bloom much later this year.

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Thanks, I hope it recovers. I think I had pinpointed the fungus by looking at photos online, but I can't remember the name of it now. The changing temperatures have not been kind this spring I know that much. It will get a few leaves then they wilt from the cold, get a few more leaves and wilt again. I wish spring would make up its mind. :/

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