Muscadine seeds

kristina_1979September 20, 2009

I have 6lbs of muscadine seeds.(dark purple)I would like to plant seeds from fruit.How do I do that?Do I directly sow seeds in ground?Do I plant whole muscadine or just seeds?How many seeds do I plant?How long will it take to germinate?I need directions ASAP.Thanks

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What was the parent vine?
6 lbs of seeds would be a whole lot of seedlings.
Why so many are needed?
I put my seeds into a 5 gallon container.........."About 30 seeds", in the fall, and let them winter over outdoors to stratify. They should be barely covered with about 1/4 to 1/3 inch of soil. In the late spring, when soils warm up, the seedlings will germinate. Can't imagine you would need to plant 6 lbs of them.
I am looking for seeds of a variety called "Southern Home".

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garymc(7 S.E.Mo)

Muscadine seeds do not come back to be the variety of the parent plant. To get the same variety, you need asexual propagation such as layering or air layering. Muscadines are also very difficult to propagate from cuttings. You need a misting bed for that. I get a lot of volunteers around my muscadines from seeds that have fallen. I'd like to try growing some of them, but I don't want to waste 2 or 3 years and the space they take up only to find that a vine doesn't bear grapes, or the grapes aren't good, or the vine is susceptible to disease. That's what universities do in their research programs and I'm happy to take advantage of their research. Dr, Dennis Lane of the University of Florida has released a variety named Delicious which is disease resistant, self fertile, productive, and good tasting. You can search ebay or amazon in the early spring for "delicious muscadines" and find some places that sell them. Or search for southern home.

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