WOOHOO bring on Summer

cyclonenatDecember 12, 2011

Hi everyone my hoyas are adjusting to outside well and its well and truly summer the temperature yesterday was 27C, yay i have two hoyas flowering serpens and sheperdii serpens has just about finished but sheperdii has heaps of flowers coming it has about four bunches open now, i have one hoya im unsure of because the leaves look like a cross between compacta and carnosa?

My Hoyas are

Carnosa 2 types

Variegated carnosa




Red Buttons


Jungle garden

Another pubicaly x



Maybe Moteskei


I also have other plants, im trying to grow dome baby frangipanis but i dont know how they will do? I also have english lavender pink and purple, and a couple succulents.

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Make sure to take the time to smell those sheperdii blooms at night because they smell amazing.


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they smell nice, serpens is quite strong smell, my plants look a bit sunburned at the moment because they are growing in gravel and soil which attracts the heat alot

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Summer is coming in Brazil too........ it is getting really hot, kind of weather that I don't like, only at pool or beach!

Mitzi from Brazil

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

Seems so strange to hear of summer coming and all the beautiful spring blooms when we are just getting all this winter weather here. Ha. How wonderful is the Internet to bring us all together from all over the world with all it's diversity.
You have a good collection going there. Lots of nice varieties. The one you have that looks like a cross of compacta and carnosa...maybe it is carnosa Krinkle 8. Check out some pictures of that one.
Yes, sheperdii blooms are a delight to smell at night. I keep mine right outside my bedroom window. Love it. Of course, mine won't be blooming for another few months.
I don't think your mix could be responsible for sunburned leaves. Location is the problem. Move it to a spot with less direct sun or shade it with something.

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Congratulations on making it through the winter. I know it wasn't all easy going for you. Now you can regale us with pictures of flowers and new growth to get us through our winter!

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I lost australis and obovata isnt looking too happy, its so hot here today humidity is 87%, the plants will love it though, my ceropegia woodi is flowering even though the cats knocked the pot over.

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Enjoy your summer, but we here in So. California are supposed to have a nice, sunny Christmas. The Santa Ana's have died down earlier today so the weather in the next few days will be just like a mild summer!

Merry Christmas!


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Tammypie, We did have a delightful Christmas day in So.California....That's why I left Chicago 31 years ago!
Merry Christmas!
Alba in Hawthorne, Ca

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