Western Exposure for Little Lamb?

janegael(6a CT)March 19, 2011

I need something big and poofy to block the view of an ugly area that is too steep to do anything about. I was looking at the Little Lamb and thought it might do. It would be in a bright area with no direct morning light, but get lots of afternoon sun. Pretty much the opposite of what is recommended. I have a number of Endless Summers that are doing beautifully under these conditions, but LL is a different cultivar so I don't know about it.

Should I give it a shot or try something else?

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Hydrangea paniculatas, like 'Little Lamb' are happiest in full sun, so western exposure certainly isn't going to be too hot or bright, which would be the concern for macrophyllas like 'Endless Summer'. If you have Endless Summers thriving in this area, you may have less harsh sun conditions than you think (though it is a tough plant, and I have seen the occasional well-established macrophylla do fine in even the fullest sun), and my concern would be that a Little Lamb might not get enough sun to make it really happy. If the area really is getting a dose of heavy afternoon sun, Little Lamb will be fine; if not, nothing beats a good old-fashioned 'Annabelle' for big and poofy. :) Good luck, and good gardening!

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janegael(6a CT)

I looked Annabelle up and my problem is that she gets flattened by rain. I need something tall that can stand on its own because the area is relatively inaccessible to try to prop a bush up.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Little Lamb will not stand upright. Mine are covered in blooms but I wouldn't call it big and poofy by any means. How about something like Limelight or Vanilla Strawberry?

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janegael(6a CT)

The person who told me it was a Little Lamb may have been mistaken because it does look more like the pictures of Limelight.

Thank you to everyone for the information. I'm off hunting again. :)

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