Ma-ma-ma-myyyy Mathilde!

greedygh0stDecember 17, 2012

I hope at least one person heard My Sharona in their head.

Okay! So!

As you know, I planted some Mathilde seeds that I received from one of our buddies here, back in September.

And now they're starting to look like real Hoyas with bona fide Mathilde leaves, so I wanted to start photographing them more regularly and showing their progress. I'll also provide any notes on what's working for me and what is not.

December 16: Day 106

I started these seeds on September 1st, so a lot of time has passed. Mostly I lost track of time, so I didn't really adjust my growing method in a timely manner. I left them in the same containers they had germinated in, with the lid on. For 3 months.

Interesting note from the mother of these seeds. This seedpod actually got knocked down by a storm, before it had popped open. When she attempted to crack it open, it oozed white sap, so clearly it wasn't ready. She set it aside indoors and waited for it to pop open. And lo and behold, the seeds were still viable. So, put that in your noggin for future reference, those of you who are lucky enough to grow your own seedpods. :)

Now, here are my thoughts on lids. They are great/necessary for when the seedlings are starting out.


1. Not all lids are equal. The ones I used for pachyclada were inferior to the ones I used for this batch. Also, the seedlings in Flat 1 & 2 (identical takeout containers) look much bigger than those in Flat 3 & 4 (identical takeout containers).

2. Lids are not forever. After they're good and established, with a first set of leaves, I would take the lid off. I don't know why, but seedlings seem to take off once the lid is off. Any theories are welcome, but this is the effect I've seen. The pachycladas I grew last year seemed trapped in permanent babyhood for MONTHS and MONTHS until I took their lids off and then they resumed normal progression.

I'm probably going to let these guys hang in their group planting for a little longer b/c I think there's strength in numbers. Then, once it looks like they might start growing into each other, I'm going to transplant them.

Flat 1

Flat 2

Flat 3

Flat 4

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

HeHeHe, yep that was the first thing that went through my mind. How cute they are.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Yup, that's exactly what went through my mind (similar ages I guess?)

A-dor-a-ble!! Your young seedlings, I wish I had some of these (I've yet to grow Mathilda).

Hum, interesting observation abt the lids. I've got one remaining Pachyclada seedling, I give it its lid for a few days & then remove it for a few days. It's been oddly warm in NYC & I'm having extra hot radiator heat (fluctuating from Post-Hurricane Sandy damage). I'm sure if I decide to take the lid off for SURE, then winter will officially kick in w/ a bang, just to freeze my little Pachyclada. (Murphy's Law exists in Gardening too I believe).

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Haha! Awesome, you guys! That makes my day. ;D

Well, the single was released the same year that I was born. But I'm not cool enough to have been listening to it from birth. I'm more of the Reality Bites generation.

I want to document these seedlings until they reach maturity, but at that point I'm going to adopt most of them out and you're welcome to one, PG. I think everyone should have a Mathilde.

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Very cute Hoya babies, GG! Congrats! I can't get them past the baby stage - I guess I don't have maternal instincts!

Anyone heard the "9 Coronas" version of "My Sharona"? It's hilarious and I can't hear that song anymore without hearing those semi-naughty lyrics!

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Denise (pardon my OT note here pls GG & thanks for the Mathilde offer, maybe I'll sign on for Spring adoptions ;>) ).

I DID get your EM & I've started an EM to you in the last 2 days; am largely OK, will write soon, best to you!!


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Congrats on those gorgeous green babies - love the pic with the seed fuzz still on the wee seedling!

Yep, got the reference right off since that song was HUGE during my (bleep)th summer... heh heh. From now on I'll be singing some mashup of Waltzing Mathilda and My Sharona to my own sweet Mathilde (poor thing). Wa-wa-wa-waltzing Mathilda!?


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Congrats, GG!

I got Mathilde cuttings this past summer. I have a new vine poking up from the soil line. It's such a cute little Hoya. I strongly agree that everyone should have a Mathilde :).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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@ PG

There's no off-topic in my threads. ;)

@ Lesley

Haha. I like that combo. I'm a big fan of the song even though the lyrics are so dark.

@ Brad

Congrats on your vine! This plant grows and develops quickly for me. And it's just the right size to do so. :)

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Time to post an update on the baby Mathildes!

February 03: Day 155

It was slow going for the seedlings in the beginning, but the older they get the faster they seem to go. I haven't lost a single one since we started. I'm not sure if I'm getting better at raising seedlings or if Mathilde is heartier than Pachyclada.

Isn't it funny that the plants are still so tiny (no bigger than a silver dollar, in most cases), yet their mature leaves are starting to reach full mature dimensions? :P

Flat 1

Flat 2

Flat 3

Flat 4

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Just posting an update about the Mathilde seedlings. They're finally starting to look like vining plants lol. It sure is nice to have them acting like regular Hoyas, since that's my comfort zone.

I think I'll be separating them really soon so their root systems don't get too tangled. They are growing 10x as fast now than they did for the first 6 months.

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What adorable seedlings. Kudos on recycling.
Sorry to say that I would have lost patience.
I do believe that there is a theme with oldies.
I posted on the sansevieria forum with,
"ohh ohh, baby, baby," and then on
the cactus forum with, "isn't she lovely"
Someone posted with, "She's got legs"
Ok, I'm done aging myself

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omg how cute are those!!!!!

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It looks to me like your Mathilde seedlings are reverting back to the carnosa parent only. They really don't have even a hint of the roundness of Mathilde leaves, do they?? Very adorable though. You should be proud of yourself!

Denise in Omaha

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@ Enterotoxigenic00

And to think when I posted that title I didn't think anyone would get the joke! I should join in with this rebel band of lyric quoters more often.

@ Denise

Yep! They are indeed very carnosa-y. :P

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