New Reblooming Hydrangea,Anyone growing these?

NatsuMarch 5, 2011

Hello I am new to Garden web and i am trying to get some info about some new hydrangea. Specifically am looking for information on some new cultivars of reblooming hydrangea.After an exhaustive search i have found some cultivars that my local nurseries have not even heard of yet or will not be carrying this spring/summer.All of the hydrangea on this page are rated hardy to at least Zone 5.

Ball Hort has a two lines i am having trouble finding.All are supposed to be hardy to -20 degrees and are remontant hydrangea. Proven winners has two newer remontant hydrangea that will should be in heavy circulation this spring/summer.

Roji Irie allegedly has thirteen cultivars on the market.The Forever and Ever Series and the these new Ball Hort introductions.I need a quality source for these hydrangea if anyone currently has one of these hydrangea i would like to know how well it has performed.Height,spread, blooms hardiness and disease does it live up to the growers claims?

Double delights hydrangea

Double delights Expression (REI 06)

Actual look.

Double delights Peace

Double delights Freedom

Double delights Romance

Double delights Star gazer

Double delights Perfection

Double delights Wedding Gown

Hydrangea Next Generation

Hydrangea Next Generation Pistachio

Hydrangea Next Generation Snow Storm

Hydrangea Next Generation Wedding Ring

Hydrangea Next Generation Red Sensation

Locally i can find Mini Penny from the ROYAL MAJESTICS Line.Anyone growing this cultivar how is it doing for you? Height,spread, blooms any problems does it live up to the claims hardiness etc.

Mini Penny from the ROYAL MAJESTICS Line

Last but not least is the Proven winners Let's Dance Series.

Let's Dance®Big Easy


Let's Dance®Moonlight

Big leaf Hydrangea

There is a bit of a mystery behind one of these plants Hydrangea Double Delights Expression (REI 06). Ball hort says it gets 4ft tall x 4ft wide with bi-color blooms.While Forever and Ever Together (REI 05) is dwarf at 25 inches tall and wide.These look like the same plant to me any thoughts?

Forever and Ever Together (REI 05)

Double Delights Expression (REI 06)

Here is one that i am not quite sure is a rebloomer Novalis eludes to it but does not clarify whether it does or not.

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Magical Opal’

All of nature's splendor seems to be reflected in the opulence of fine opals. Numerous tales and legends surround this colorful gemstone, including the one that says that they are related to Hydrangeas! Mystical® Opal blooms in the spring as a pink ball of ruffled florets. As the flowers fade, they take on a soft color play of green, pink, and yellow in keeping with the mild days of spring. As the season progresses, the flower heads age to emerald-green with pink petal tips. And just like the precious gem reflects the changing moods and emotions of people, this Hydrangea blooms again to do the same.

Here are some newer paniculata i trying to decide between.Don"t really think any of these are better than Little Lime and Vanilla strawberry but,they are contenders.

Front runners

Vanilla Strawberry

Little lime


Hydrangea paniculata Fire And Ice

Hydrangea Mystical® Flame

Hydrangea White Diamonds

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Some of these are very new introductions (Double Delights series, Next Generation series)- like this season - so there really is no consumer history with them yet. Others like the Endless Summer series, Forever and Ever series and Let's Dance series have been around for a few years and have established some history.

They are all going to be similar in behavior, with an ability to bloom on both old and new wood. In colder climates, the stems and/or flower buds of the old or previous season's growth can be damaged by winter cold and like all other mac's, should undergo some sort of winter protection to ensure these stems/buds make it through winter. You will still get flowering on new growth regardless, but it may not appear until later in the season and perhaps not so prolifically as the older growth. IOW, exactly how remontant or everblooming they may be will depend on where you are located, what your winter climate is like and if you afforded any winter protection. "All summer blooming" is not guaranteed :-)

How widespread the availablilty of the newest intros will be is up for grabs. Some retailers opt not to carry them until they've "proved" themselves for a season or two; others are hot to jump on the newest stuff available. You may or may not be likely to find many of the newest ones available this season. Next year they will probably be flooding the market :-)

And this is from a couple of decades of working in the retail nursery industry.

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Thanks for the reply gardengal48 the info was very helpful.Our local garden show is going on this week thought there would be a chance to grab a few there.If it takes a season or two for the new rebloomers to become available i will just have to get them as they pop up.

ENDLESS SUMMER and BLUSHING BRIDE are on my list for purchase this summer. Have yet to see mature plants.I hear the blooms are doubles on BLUSING BRIDE and fade to deep red on the bush as they age is this true?

Managed to find Hydrangea macrophylla Double Delights 'Expression' at HERONSWOOD.
Their reviews are so so mostly about really small plants.

Last year around august,found a few hydrangea 3 gallon hydrangea for ten dollars each.Pia,All Summer Beauty, Glowing Embers, lime light and Preziosa.
The Glowing Embers was the one that got me thinking the most over the winter.Love the almost bronze fall color dislike that it may not bloom at all one year or many.I need some flowers ever year at least two a year so it can stay in the garden.

Preziosa is supposed to be "free flowering" does this one really produce?These shrubs in the pictures are not my plants.Keeping a visual log just helps when discussing plants with subtle differences.


All Summer Beauty


Glowing embers


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'Blushing Bride' has semidouble flowers and fades to a rosy pink blush...not a deep red :-) White flowered macs tend not to offer that intense color change as do many of the paniculatas.

'Preziosa' is very nice selection and quite popular. It offers flowers that go through a range of colors seemingly independant of soil pH and has great fall color. And it is reputed to be a bit more cold tolerant than most macs, no doubt something to do with its serrata parentage.

In your zone, to ensure reliable flowering and benefit from the earliest flowering of most remontants, you should probably offer winter protection. There are a number of very good threads in the archives of this forum that will offer suggestions on how to accomplish this.

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