First blooms :)

ivysmomMarch 21, 2011

Well, my ASB that pushed out a couple blooms last November is showing its first color this year already. We just had a nasty freeze a month ago, so it hasn't been very long in recovery/greening out this season.

I must say, I'm very impressed with this shrub, so far! Good news on the other fronts, I can see bloom buds on ALL the other ones: the neighboring Trophee and Oregon pride, the Nikko Blue and Madam Emilliore (sp) in the back yard, and even one of my 8 potted masjas which were less than a year old when I got them last September.

I'm wondering if it's too late to add anything to the soil for affecting color. The petals showing on the ASB are pink (again). I'm wanting more of the blues and purples overall. Can future blooms this season have their color changed?

So, bring on the color! :)

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If you eventually want purples/blues, you will want to add amendments and now is as good a time to start them. Follow the recommended frequency on the label and use a very good soil pH meter since the purples naturally occur in a very narrow pH range. The current color though is based on the pH of the potting soil since this ASB got planted in October and the roots have not had much time to venture much outside of the potting soil yet. Once they grow into your garden soil, they will show the correct soil pH color which is still pink as Houston soil is alkaline. But hopefully by then, your amendments will have started to acidify the soil. Aluminum sulfate should be applied in the recomended label amounts; too much can burn some of the tiny roots. Note: it would be easier to control the soil pH on a potted plant than on a shrub planted in the ground.

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