Lawn fertilizer on my hydrangeas

hd28catMarch 5, 2009

My lawn care service came today and it looks like they got lawn fertilizer all over my Oakleafs and Endless summers(knock out roses and viburnums too). Is this going to be a problem? Seems like I read that lawn fertilizer will keep them from blooming. please say it isn't so! If yes, is there anything I can do to help?

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On a long term basis, it can because lawn fertilizer is so high is nitrogen but on a one-time basis, it should not affect them. You do need to come up with some way to prevent the service from doing this every time. If all else fails, create some kind of visible barrier that might stop them, something you could put to separate the edge of the lawn from the hydrangeas. This could even be accomplished with small plants too like mondo grass.

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