1st time with Hydrangea

parupudiMarch 23, 2009


I live in Houston,TX. I did get 4 Hydrangea's in a deal(White, Pink,Purple and Blue) last year. They came as small bare root plants in dormant condition and I planted them like way back in April.

Just when they are starting to show some real rapid growth, we had a hail here in Texas. No major damage was done except for the nice, big green leaves which were shredded.

I took them out after wards and planted them in big pot and see if that will help them grow better and quicker.

They just stayed small all winter quickly shredding off the remaining leaves but no new growth.

Though i should say, all 4 plants are still in tact with green leaves and stem. I applied fertilizer once like 2 weeks back. I now see a new growth in 2 of the plants.

I re-potted them yesterday to a smaller one as the bigger one was too big and i doubted if they were getting too much water.

Any suggestions to make these 4 plants live and bloom this year? I really want to see my hydrangea's bloom.

Should i consider planting them in soil instead of pot?

I don't want to do it now as i have just re-potted them.

The pot sits in front of my garage porch where there is sun in the morning till noon and then there will be shade(though the heat is still there as this is TX)

Please advice.



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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Not putting on growth that you could see was normal over winter, as was losing their leaves. In soil that doesn't freeze, there should have been some root development going on.

Most hydrangea macrophylla (from your color descriptions I'm assuming that's what these are) bloom on old (growth from the previous year) wood and there is nothing you can do to make them bloom this year if they did not set flower buds. Moving them, instead of letting them become established, isn't helping their growth - each time the roots are disturbed by digging or repotting you are slowing their development.

Your plants sound quite young. Adequate water, good drainage, protection from hot mid day sun whether in the ground or in pots, combined with some time and patience may be all you need. If planted in the ground, a mulch over the root zone to conserve moisture and cool the soil will be helpful.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Ditto. By the way, my hydrangeas will suffer from leaf scorch or bloom brownout if allowed to get direct sun from (approx) 12pm and on during the summer. Tweak their location if necessary should you notice those symptoms from late May/early June thru early September.

A Glowing Embers of mine that was planted at about the same time as yours has not shown much "above ground" growth either. But growth and blooms should not be the primary goal for any plant on years 1 and 2. Instead, let it develop a good root system and, when they done with that and have become established in your garden, they will begin growing larger and producing lots of bloom.

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