A recent swap brought me H. chouke

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)December 14, 2011

Look at this little lovely. I believe H serpens is one of its parents & tho' I wasn't able to grow it for more than one year, I loved Serpens w/ its small roundish leaves.

This little pretty seems to have a similar charm for me. I swapped some plants & tubers of Ceropegia woodii for it.

Seems to be settling in well, I've had it for about a month; has 2 old peduncles too, nice. I water rooted it (quite fast) & then have planted 2 of 4 cuttings into mix, so far so good.

Here's the one in mix:

There's just something about these smaller leafed Hoyas that I find really charming.

(Thank you Mary if you're lurking out there).

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Mairzy_Dotes(zone 10)

Do you have it's sister cv, Mathilda? It is darling and easy to care for also. They are both crosses of serpens and carnosa. Mine blooms heavy in summer. If you don't have one, maybe we can swap cutting next spring/summer.

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PG, I too find the wee ones enchanting. and I love serpens.

I'd like to find either sister, myself. If I got "Chouke" or "Mathilde" in trade, I'd be pretty happy!

If you've not read the story from the breeder, here it is. It's quite sweet....*sniff*

Marcy, you're so kind!

Here is a link that might be useful: Emilio's Story of

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi folks,

Thanks Laura for the story, I'd read it some time back, but not since I got Chouke. I remember admiring Mathilde before & putting her on my sometime wishlist which I've never quite ordered.

Perhaps in Spring we could do a swap, nice idea, thanks Mairzy/Marcy(?).

I've sort of had an open offer to get some Serpens back, but decided against it, having heard it likes cooler temps, something I can't really provide year round (hot summers, no A/C). I'd given a small Sprig of it which had broken off of mine, really small, like maybe a 1-node cutting, of it to a friend (those who remember Oojenn). She grew it to a full blooming plant, in Minnesota I think, sounded impressive. She always reminded me I was welcome to get some back, we lost touch when she stopped posting here.

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Well, here's another open offer. If you ever decide to try again, I'll have a snip waiting.

1 node cutting to a full blooming plant does sound VERY impressive! Minnesota, hmmm. May explain why I do ok with serpens. Northern Minnesota is about an hour away.

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