Poppy vs Poppy

charlene_in_iowa(5 Zone)September 11, 2003

I have several types/colors of poppies and wanted to make a poppy field of sorts, would following poppies become a cross of poppies, or will each new plant grow true to the original. I hope that makes sense. If they can cross, would the colors change?

Thank you,


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greenfrog(VIC Australia)

Hi Charlene,
I think you'll find that you'd get an interesting variety the next season, some will look like the originals some would be intermediate and there will be perhaps be some that don't look much like any of the possible parents.
I assume that you're growing varieties of one species of poppy. This year I'm growing P. rhoeas, somniferum and nudicale all mixed together in the same area with some P. orientale in a nearby garden bed, really looking forward to seeing how any inter-species crosses from this will turn out.


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charlene_in_iowa(5 Zone)

Hi Daniel,
You know I'm not sure of the exact species. There are different colors. Orientale, California-geez I have quite a few. My hope is just to outline my garden bed with them, or there is that location where I could just really make a field of them (decisions decisions :)), but I was at first wondering to keep them all seperate so I could trade any seeds next year. I think I am going to go with my plan and where the seed falls so be it.
Thank you for your help.

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keking(z6 TN)

Luther Burbank crossed Papaver somniferum x P. orientale. The reciprocal cross always failed for him. The hybrids were almost sterile, but were perennial like the pollen parent. They also bloomed over a long season. I've wanted to repeat the cross, but never had the species in bloom at the same time.

Here's some details on the origin of the Shirley Poppies and Burbank's Blue Poppy:

Here is a link that might be useful: CybeRose

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