Spring in Kentucky

veryblessed(6)May 6, 2013

A few shots from today. Not the best picture taking weather very overcast and rainy.

Made you Look

Made from Scratch


Spring Break

Stand by Me

Volcano Island

Raspberry Sundae

Iris "Gracchus" Not a Hosta but pretty

Empress Wu - Third Year

Gunther's Prize

Gold Heart Bleeding Heart - Great Companion Plant

Shot of one of the beds, hopefully they will fill in.

An one final one

Thanks for looking.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Love the fountain, love the Hostas, love everything. Looks like you are getting plenty of rain too.


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Love the spring colors. Thanks for sharing. Btw, I love overcast for pics. Neighbors probably think I'm nuts taking pics in the rain....they may be right ;)


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

veryblessed I am not sure that is an Empress Wu. I know for a fact that a man come with each Empress Wu as pictured in every catalogue in the known hosta world. lol just kidding

You have some very beautiful beds there. Looks like it will be fun to fill. Keep us posted with photos. Paula

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Great pics from a fellow Kentuckian. hope faired the storms today well. thanks for sharing . Hank

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Jon 6a SE MA

Blessed, doesn't look like my Empress Wu either.

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jan_on zone 5b

You have some beautiful hostas - and that bed will be spectacular when they all 'leap'.

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Very nice color in those photos. I hope my Stand By Me looks that good some day, it had a bad first year. Love the bed too.


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Very nice pictures. Some nice Hosta varieties, a few we don't see all too commonly. Please kep the pics coming!

Don B.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Blessed indeed. Thanks for posting the pix.
What is the J. Maple in the last pic?


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Yes, that Japanese maple is absolutely PERFECT. Almost a natural bonsai it is so petite and precious. Lovely growth habit.

Finally someone else has a Spring Break, one of Stuart Asch's hosta. Mine is in its second year.

Your entire garden is beautiful. Perfection.

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Thanks everyone for your very kind comments! Like everyone else here it is a labor of love for us. Thanks for the heads up on the Empress Wu, I am going to go back through my notes and make sure I have it labled correctly and then check with Rob. Paul it is funny you mention that, as I was out trudging around in the rain with my camera, my neighbors just slow way down and look, they think we are crazy any way...lol But I think in that weather the plants just glow. TJ, that is a "Garnet"
Moccasin, I do like the Stuart Asch hostas as well, you dont see them around that much. Thanks again everyone, I will post a few more as some of our later ones wake up.

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Nice pic's I love variety, I have Valcan, smaller than your and it always makes sure it's the last to break ground. Thanks for sharing!

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Here are a few more from yesterday. I wish they could look like this year round! Thanks for looking!

Earth Angel

Candy Hearts


Neptune Leaf

Streaked Blue Mouse Ears

Snow Mouse

Pure Heart

Calico Mouse Ears


It is very possible I have the next 2 mixed up...lol



And some Lily of the Valley

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Now and Later are actual HOSTA NAMES?
How unique!

Hope you do not mind if I put up some of my Stuart Asch hosta?
Don't know if I have a shot of Ruffian or not. I'll look for it.

But here are three probably the latest shot of them. I have them close together, but Ruffian is in a tub with other small hosta.

Bibb Lettuce (gold), Stiff Upper Lip, and Nathan's Nirvana.
(ahhhh, this is from May 6, other must be in my camera)

Ruffian is in this bowl with Venusta and Munchkin.

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Hey Moccasin, thanks for posting your pictures. I really like the Asch hostas! They have done very well here for me, and they look like they are doing well for you too!! I really like the Bibb Lettuce, I must have missed out on that on that one.

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Last year Stuart Asch had some of his hosta on Hosta Library auction, I think he was moving soon thereafter. That is where I got Bibb Lettuce, Stiff Upper Lip, Nathan's Nirvana, Ruffian, and Spring Break.

Bibb Lettuce does look good enough to eat. It has light substance, or it did last year when it arrived. It took a while for it to adjust to the humidity here. I was afraid it wouldn't make it over the winter, when I think it went heat dormant and just eased on into the winter dormancy. Then this spring, it popped up pure yellow and looking like .....a head of Bibb Lettuce! Nice crisp lettuce, with a bit more substance than it had last year. Stiff Upper Lip has a leaf which feels like a thick Playtex work glove, very heavy substance, and very dark. I take pictures regularly, so if you are interested in what happens to their looks during the growing season, I'll be happy to show them off..

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Moccasin, that is where I got mine from. I missed Bib Lettuce some how. I really like the look of it, it looks like you could put a little dressing on it and have a meal :-)

Here is one more of his I forgot to post.

Bri Bear - Very Small little clump

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Just cute as can be, VBlessed. Some may not go commercial, and that may be true of Bibb Lettuce. I'll have to see if it is registered AHS.

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