Yellowing Hoya Australias

alba_gardenerDecember 6, 2009

Hi, Sorry about the spelling australias? Anyway,gorgeous plant, real full and was growing like crazy. Suddenly, without any changes in light, temperature or watering(Eleanor's VF-11) her leaves started to turn yellow. Not all at once, but gradually. Once they yellow they fall off,now she doesn't look as strong, however she is still pretty green. I showed a gardener at Armstrong nurseries some of her leaves and he seemed to think that it was due to insufficient light. I don't know what to make of this. Boy I tell you having these plants is a full time job,just like kids....LOL

Any other thoughts on this ?

alba in Hawthorne,Ca

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Alba, I grow one of the regular Australis and the one with the fuzzy leaves, can I ask you what type of soil you are using? One possible reason that might cause leaves to yellow is possibly the potting mix is staying too wet? I have mine in very porous potting mix, and I let it slightly dry out before I water it really well. It does like it a little moist, just not wet. Mine gets an hour or so of morning sun through the window.

You can always check the roots...(very gently remove it from the pot and see how wet the soil is and see what the roots looks like. Not saying that is the problem, but at least if the roots look okay, you can eliminate that and move on to other possible problems. Good luck!

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Hi Puglvr,
Mine is also the regular Australis, I bought it about two years ago from one of the nurseries that most of us get our hoyas from. Is it allowed to name them? Anyway, I was thrilled when I got her, she was so full and healthy. The soil does seem to be compact not like what I pot my hoyas in. But I'd have a heck of time trying to repot her as there are at least six plants in the pot..... Thanks for the idea.
alba in CA

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If it's australis ssp. tenuipes (which is the one more commonly found, with shiny green leaves), I'd say it might be getting too dry. Mine will now and then get yellow leaves amongst it's older foliage and it usually happens when I find it bone dry. Mine is in a large ceramic pot (8" inside diameter and 9" deep) and it dries out really fast. Ssp. tenuipes prefers not to go very dry. And I grow two of them, both in north windows, so they get very little sun in the summer, no direct sun in winter.

On the other hand, if it's ssp. austrlis (the fuzzy leaved one), it likes high light conditions and to go fairly dry between waterings.

Is it the older foliage or new foliage that's yellowing?

Denise in Omaha

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