My Hoya Photos Finally

cyclonenatDecember 27, 2011


Pubicaly x's, tree aloe and cacti

Unknown Hoya and purple suculent

Other Unknown Hoya

Australis and Obovata

Australis,Pauciflora,Fungii and Compacta





Sorry if this message is so big finally fixed my camera and had to share all my hoyas lol

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I think the Hoyas you have planted in the beds will be getting far too much light. The leaf colour is too light and they will struggle there in the open. Is there any way to put them in the semi shade, maybe hanging from a tree?


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Im just trying it out with them they actually have alot of new growth and a couple have peduncles that have flowers developing, so they are getting used to it i think, do you know what the unknown hoyas are?

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No I really can't tell what the unknowns are because their leaves don't look like they normally would. You have some serious shade lovers like pauciflora out in the sun where they will just not adapt. I truly think your plants would do much better in a different location. Do you know what exposure the plants are getting there? Maybe it's OK but from the look of their sun bleached leaves I would imagine it's too bright.

The big unknown in the hanging basket looks like Hoya carnosa.


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woo hoo one of the unknown hoyas peduncle is coming

got a pic of a bug on my clothes i think its not bad for a old 3.2 megapixel camera

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Look at all those buds!
That insect visitor of yours is a Cicada and it looks quite similar to the species I see most often in Southern Ontario Canada where I live. There is incredible diversity in tropical species, diversity in both appearance and their calls.


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ill take a pic when its bigger so you might be able to identify it for me cheers

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I do love that bug. Great pic with a 3.2 I think!

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