Lots of hybrid grape seeds

boizeau(7a)October 25, 2008

I did a a lot of hybridizing this season and have a lot of seeds to trade this fall. Am really keen on muscat type wine grapes. Found that it is hard to get viable seed from a cross of muscadine x vitis, but I did try. Most of the other species readily cross up. Have also tried to cross Korean Wineberry with Domestic Raspberry but so far can't tell if I have any true hybrids.

Would like to Cross Salmon Berry to Raspberry and wondered if anyone had managed to pull it off.

I think I do have a Himalaya x Dewberry hybrid in the garden and am keeping an eye on it.

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I haven't tried to cross any grapes myself.
I did buy and plant a Tomcord from Starks Bros. Nursery. Supposedly a cross of the thompson seedless and concord.
I planted it already leafed out when the ground was still cold. It just sat there. When the ground warmed up it really took off. It seemed to be very disease resistant.

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