I'm back along w/ my pretty Macrophylla

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)December 30, 2012

Which is in front of a cold window, but still, looking good.

Am back online from home w/ my landline & recently bought laptop. First time able to say & do that in NINE WEEKS. Can you imagine? GW withdrawal indeed.

Look at this new growth, all red.

The heat in my apmt has been fluctuating like mad. This plant put on a new leaf twice in another spot & dropped them both, poor thing, now it's got new leaves in another spot, this time they're coming in, soooo nice to see.

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Very pretty!!! I love this Hoya. Can you please tell us What growing conditions? Mine grows soooo slow. Glad to have you back too!!

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PG you have endured a lot! Glad to hear you are able to settle in your home again. I love this macrophylla for its variety in color and the leaves on mine can be quite large or average size and variegation differs also. The only problem I can see is the drippy new vines. Welcome back!
~ Mary

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I h a t e it when that variegated macrophylla drops leaves! I know it has a bad reputation for being sensitive about its immature foliage, but I suspect it's just more noticeable because the leaves are so showy.

Congrats on your new laptop. :)

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Hey I did not know this hoya was a bit sensitive or slow grower.I have mine in S/H and it just grows and grows.
Try keeping more evenly moist.I think your new leaves will stop falling.

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Cpawl, I've tried to figure out what you meant by S/H ....me and my husband have racked our brains. And we've came up with some pretty creative possibilities. But I can't think of what you meant, sorry. Could you please explain further?
I've grown mine for past 2 years and probably got only 4 leaves!!! So I should try to keep it on the moist side? thanks!

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Sorry teisa for the confusion.I grow most of my hoyas in hydroculture.
I use small drinking cups that I drill holes about 1/2 inch from the bottom to hold a bit of water.When I feel up to it I also drill holes all over the cup to help with aeration.
I use many different types of inert items to grow my hoyas in.I have used hydro clay,leca,pumic,and turface. Sometimes I make a mix with all of them.
I also can keep an eye on the roots this way.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

So Hey there Cindy,

Can I add that you use SH to mean semi-hydro? I learned this earlier & I too grow some Hoyas in hydro (just a couple).

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Thanks PG,I had a brain freeze.Most of all my hoyas grow so much better this way.


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This seems cool may have to convert one to give it a try. I recently saw Sans growing like this, at a box store! Wonder if can buy the hydro clay, leca, etc. at these stores or would I have to order it? There is Not alot of variety here (Knoxville Tn) when it comes to plant nurseries.

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Teisa you could try looking to see if your area has a hydroponic store or look for a company that supply mpv turface for baseball fields.


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I also live in Knoxville and thought I would let you know that there is a hydroponic store on Clinton Highway. If you are headed toward Clinton, it is past Walmart in a shopping center on the right side. You can find hydro supplies without paying shipping charges, which can be high given the weight of expanded clay.

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