Snails or worms?

bunnygurl(Z3)December 4, 2009

I was watering my Hoya Crimson Queen like 10mins ago and I found critters that look like either snails or curled up worms. I couldn't get great pictures, hopefully they'll be good enough. If anyone can tell what they are, are they beneficial or should I get rid of them? One was stuck to the outside of the pot and fell off when I moved the pot...and now I can't find it...I hate buggies...yuck.

Thanks for any help.

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

Looks like those little snails I see sometimes when pot plants are outside. I just knock them off.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Definitely looks like snails to me. They love eating my new growths on some of my hoyas that I have underneath my palm trees.

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bunnygurl(Z3)'s never been outside...

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Those are what are commonly reffered to as bush snails and they can pose a problem with some plants. Snails tend to eat holes in leaves and other tender parts of plants but they probably don't pose much of a threat to most Hoyas other than thin leaved species. Bush snails are often in pots from nurseries where they can get out of control in chunkier mixes used for plants like orchids.
If you start noticing holes eaten out of your plants leaves or tender new growth that has been eaten off you cab bet it was the snails. Snail and slug bait is easy to get at most garden centers.


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Ew... Though I'd probably rather fight snails off than mealies, I'm glad I don't have them in addition to mealies. Good luck with them buggers!

Denise in Omaha

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Yeah...I just finally got a mealie infestation under control with my cacti and succulents and now I have snails, but it's only a couple. I picked them off (the shells seemed empty though) but I'll keep an eye out for holes and more shells.

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They sneak in from the nurseries, their eggs hiding in those nice chunky mixes like Mike said. Thanks for the name of them btw, I always wondered. They are a big problem here as they don't get frozen in winter. Add in the big brown garden snails, which I understand are the same ones eaten in France, and you have a big mess. These little guys seem to prefer my brugs. Once in a while I find a big one on the hoyas but for the most part they leave hoyas alone. Unless the hoyas are in pots on the ground, then they do go after that new growth. I hate snails!

Tally HO!

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