Northeast Pa hummers on their way

bdriver71(z6pa)September 4, 2007

Haven't seen my posessive RT male in 5 days, or any other males. Still have 2 young females, and one young male. Know they will be moving on soon. Sucks. Doesn't feel right going outside and not being buzzed by hummers all over. Can't wait till spring. Take care of my my guys on their journey please.

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Maybe I have some of your birds, this morning I had 15 and 4 adult males, they will be well fed and sent on their way.

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Its so nice to know you and others are looking out for my hummers. Everyone I have mentioned my hummers to around here, knows little about them. Don't know another person around me that feeds them. This site makes me feel much better about their journey. Thanks lots.

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