denise_gw(5)December 18, 2012

I was recently boring my husband to death reminiscing about the late 70's and my all-time favorite plant magazine, House Plants & Porch Gardens. Only the old-timers here would remember it. It was in publication briefly in the 1970's, and it was dedicated exclusively to houseplants. I drank in every issue and was particularly excited when they had an article on Hoyas. I'd had my first Hoya for a few years and it was this article that made me say, "AH-HA!! That's my plant!!" And the photos of other species and flowers made me want more...

Anyway, I moved around a lot back then and got tired of moving them from place-to-place, and at some point, I cut out my favorite articles and regrettably tossed the magazines. Well, this little meander down memory lane made me google the magazine and lo-and-behold, I found someone who had them for sale! I jumped on the opportunity to buy 29 issues, all in two binders and I've been waiting (with bated breath) for them to arrive. They got here today, and guess which issue was the very first one one on top? YES, the Hoya issue! And it was loose in the binder, so when I perused the rest of them, I also found another one in the binder, in its rightful spot! What are the chances that the one issue I got two of would be the Hoya issue?! I love it when fate plays with me!

So who here remembers this lovely magazine?...

Denise in Omaha

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Oh, wow! I DO remember that magazine! How lucky you are to find those, AND to get the very issue(s) you wanted!

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

You might be interested in "The Hoya Telegraph" Magazine... its fairly expensive but I really enjoy it...with great articles and awesome photos and it's all about Hoya's!!

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Nope - no idea this magazine existed, but I think the two Hoya issues is an awesome coincidence. xD Congratulations on your haul! I guess the USPS didn't toy with you this time, thank goodness.

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Denise! That is neat! I have some of those issues and is the reason I fell in love with kalanchoes. I do not remember the hoya issue and will dig them out and see if I have that one! Thanks for bringing this up. ~ Mary

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Loved this mag! Subscribed to it when it was out & faithfully sent my change of address to the mag b/c I moved several times during that time of my life. It was so disappointing when they just stopped being delivered. I didn't know for quite a while that the mag stopped publishing & thought they just didn't get my COAs when I moved. Still have all my original copies & just missing a few.

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Denise, that is awesome! Sounds like you found yourself a nice Christmas present, indeed :). Two copies of the Hoya issue is really special :).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Loved that magazine & still re-read all of them. Was July 1980 the last issue of that magazine? That's the last one that I have. I am still missing the first 3 issues from 1976 tho if there is a magazine fairy out there somewhere reading this.

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