hybridizing euphorbias

t_tyler(6b)November 20, 2008

Hello All,

Does anyone have experience hybridizing euphorbias. I have a number of euphorbias, some flower year round (E. milii & E. genoudiana), but only my milii ever set seeds. Can anyone advise on cross pollinating euphorbias. Are the plants usually male and female, or do the flowers have both pollen on the stigma? The actual flowers are so small I cant imagine how to go about cross pollinating. Any insight is appreciated.



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Haven't done any hybridizing with the euphorbia on purpose but I can tell you that they should all have "complete" flowers. As for compatibility, it's a pretty diverse family so don't expect success with all your crosses. I'd start with ones that are closely related if at all possible.

Good luck. Sounds like a fun project!

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Hello. I am interested to know, have you had any luck in hybridizing euphorbias?

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I'm into Hybridizing Poinsettias, So I'm interested as Well....

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