Can a Hoya be planted in soil Sunset zone 23?

kaytaffDecember 23, 2012

Can a vining species of Hoya be planted in the soil in Sunset zone 23? Would it actually climb? Most Hoyas I have seen in San Diego were in hanging baskets, climbing up and trailing down. If one would work, what species would be best, and where can I buy one?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry I have no idea what/where Sunset Zone 23. Perhaps you could just mention the geographic area of the US pls.

Can I ask why you'd want to plant a Hoya in the ground directly? Do you know what the soil is there? Why not plant in a container?

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Your winter lows are still far too cold (38F-23F during winter) to grow a Hoya in the ground. Ideally you would want a winter low of no more than 50F for longterm success. If you want to try then I would suggest Hoya carnosa or Hoya pubicalyx because they are cold tolerant and very easy to get. Hopefully someone in your area can suggest a local source. Hoya carnosa is very easy to find in most garden centres.
I have seen photos of huge Hoya pubicalyx plants growing in the ground and covering a huge trellis. Sunset zone 24 would probably be a safe bet but why not try an inexpensive rooted cutting just to see how it does. By planting near a South wall etc you can often grow plants that are usually not winter hardy in your area.


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