Varigated Hindu Rope Hoya

LindainAlaska(3)December 11, 2013

I am new to this site but I hope you can help me. I've bought my several hoyas over the years and they all grow beautifully in his office so I bought my daughter the Hindu rope. I planted them all in Pro-mix from my local green house. They are all in offices in the same building, same floor, and same exposure but the rope has grown very little - it will grow a leaf or two and they they'll fall off. I've changed the soil, tried it under lights, and checked it for creepy crawlers - all to no avail!

What do I do now?

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This forum is not very active, esp. in the winter. Posting a photo or 2 of how the plant looks now (leaves, soil, plant overall) might help get more replies.

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Yes a picture would help greatly. I grow this variety and the all green and I must say the variegated is s-l-o-w to grow!! But if Yours is also losing new growth? I've never experienced that. So please update with a picture.
Welcome to the Hoya forum!

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