Pundicles..help what are they?

Grantgarden2 Zone 5a/bDecember 18, 2012

Help i have been on this forum before and people say pundicles? what is that where the bloom comes from? also what do they look like on a Hoya plant not in bloom? Can you post a pic. if you have any?

Thanks Grant

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Here are a couple photos of peduncles.

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A bit closer view of the peduncle of 0153 H.multiflora.

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GG here is the plant.I love the white specks on the leaves.

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Lovely, Cindy! I really like that dusting of white too. All plant speckles are reminding me of snowfall these days. I guess I must be in the mood for a 'White Christmas.' Or else I just have finlaysonii 'Snow on Leaves' on the brain. :P

Grant, I posted some pictures of peduncles in my Ninja buds thread, too. Peduncles vary a lot. Some are short and stocky, others are super long and thread-like. But it becomes pretty obvious what they are, because they don't look like leaves or vines. :P

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