Looking for hydrangea with old flowers that stay pink

cynthiaquiltsMarch 27, 2009

I am looking for a hydrangea that blooms pink and whose flowers stay pink as they fade. My neighbor had a plant like that last fall. When I asked what it was, she said it was 'Wedding' that she bought at Home Depot. I can't find any hydrangea called 'Wedding' and am guessing that it was 'Blushing Bride' but the descriptions I read said that BB blooms white and fades to pink. Hers bloomed pink and faded to dark, dusty pink. Any ideas? I would like a hydrangea that stays small (under 4 feet) if possible but would find a spot for a larger one if I could get the color I want. Thanks.

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I do not have any pink varieties that bloom pink and remain pink(ish). As my pink blooms age, they turn (choose one or all) greenish, green/red/purple-ish, brownish and/or whiteish. An alternative worth thinking of because of your zone, is the Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea arborescens, due in Spring 2010. The information being passed out says it blooms a hot pink color and ages to a different shade of pink.

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Sorry, I pressed the SUBMIT Button too fast.

I meant to also suggest/ask if your neighbor can propagate a cutting of that hydrangea for you? As long as this hydrangea does not have an active patent on it, this would be another solution.

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