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MalvaMayMarch 13, 2014

I had a fairly established garden at my former home, but due to time constraints I was unable to take starts from my lovelies to bring with me. I had over 20 hydrangeas, and a nice array of perennials. I now have a yard which appears to have NO plantings (not even one daffodil pushing through!). My budget is very limited. I really don't know anyone that grows hydrangeas, so how do I get cuttings? Is that my best/cheapest option? I'm comfortable starting veggies, annuals and some perennials from seed, but I need some base plantings. Thanks.

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Have you got neighbors, friends, or family that grow them? I'd start there first. Maybe there is a chapter of the AHS in your area as well.

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Hi MalvaMay - Here's, what I am doing. I looked, through all the cut flower bunches at the grocery store. I found, 1 large bunch of long stems of hydrangea with white blooms, has to be a mophead. It was marked 1.50, I grabbed it and went to check out. I got home, and trimmed the stems to cuttings. I put, some root hormone on them and planted in some soil. I am, gonna see what happens. For 1.50, that would be the cheapest way I could imagine. If only one of them takes root, I will be happy! Just, my little opinion. Good luck, Mistee :))

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I would check the newspapers for Spring Sales by clubs or organizations locally. Depending on where you live (state and USDA Zone), now may be too early; if so, give it some time.

Also, some places start sales when the weather warms up.Hydrangeas go on sale here around May, as temperatures reach the mid 90s. Lowes also has a place in the garden section allocated to selling distressed plants so check that out.

And check the information on GW Exchange and Trade Forums.

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Aquae(7 GA)

I'm in a similar boat to you. No one I know has any hydrangeas but I LOVE them and wanted a ton for not a lot of cost! I found a nursery on Ebay selling 6"-10" plants for like $3. I bought ten! That seller sold out but the plants I received were very healthy. - So maybe Ebay would be a good place to check, it worked out great for me! :)

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Thanks everyone! My "re-start" will probably consist of many of these great ideas. Think I might head over to EBay right now!

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