5 Hummers at once

nickrosesnSeptember 19, 2013

Looking out my second floor window I saw the most amazing site. The second floor feeder had 4 feeding and one hovering waiting for an opening. I wish it was lighter outside and the camera was near by. They must have been all female, since there was no fighting? Hopefully this will happen again.

Is there anytime of the year where there is more females then males?

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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

Was it in the evening? I know for the final feedings here, the hummingbirds are much more likely to share. It is their final tank up of fuel before morning, so they don't want to expend energy giving chase. By morning, the truce has expired.

I'm not sure about the male/female ratios. That answer may vary depending upon your location, the species and if they migrate or just shift within their range.

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Yes it was evening and becoming a little dark. You could be right that it was a evening truce. Either way to was a beautiful sight to see.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

A beautiful sight indeed, Nick. One of those special moments.

About females/males: the books say males migrate first, then females and juvenules follow on later. Not sure what kind you have, but for ruby-throats, females and juveniles look alike. I don't know any way to tell them apart. This time of year could be a mix of females and juveniles or even all juveniles. The juvies don't get male plumage til the second year.

Again the books say females fight, too. They fight to keep other hummers out of their territory--their food source. Like us trying to protect our bank account with safes, bank guards, etc, I guess.

There's a pecking order when they're migrating, with the youngest birds at the bottom.

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