How long?

barb_roselover_inSeptember 6, 2013

I live in north central Indiana. How long should we put out food for these little guys.? I don't want to tempt them too long, but I realize that as they are traveling, they need to have food along the way. Thanks for any help. Barb

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Leave at least 1 feeder up for a minimum of 2 weeks after you've seen your last hummer - a month would be better. You don't have to add much nectar to the feeder, an ounce or 2 will do. You won't be tempting them to stay, when they get ready to go - they go.

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I agree with ctnchpr. These past few years here, they've left about the end of Sept~early Oct. I leave mine til end of Oct or when temps drop to below 50 overnight!

I understand & have observed that the Cassanovas take off ahead of the ladies & the Humm'lings even later trying to gain as much *muscle* for the long drive home!

Right now here (past few days) except for the ones who've claimed a particular Cafe, the population has varied. I still see a few guys around. They frequent what I call 2 *Public Cafes* mostly Cassanovas take their sips, tho I don't observe them tightly guarding & I tend to refill more frequently.


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I'm in Connecticut. Last year I had hummers through September including one very chubby one. I think she was planning on it being a hard trip since she was on a late start! I plan on leaving my feeders up until I go a couple weeks without seeing one. Last year mine came down after Columbus Day. I read an article somewhere that people are seeing they are staying later as far north as Seattle.

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These li'l speedy Jewels just turned me into a liar I just came in from washing & replenishing a few of their *Cafes* ~ lo & behold they were dog fighting out there! I wonder if the overcast skies allowed them to party a bit, or could they be a new caravan of travelers?

Just hang the last one, when (looks like) a young one was resting on the trellis wire & didn't get bothered by my presence! Sigh didn't have my pocket cam ~ I was so close & she was watching/looking at me ~ I offered my hand as I was just a few inches away under the trellis (but w/o a bit of sweet drink) she ignored. I decided to move away slowly as not to disturb ~ w/ hopes she'd still be there when I returned w/ my cam ~ of couse she'd left.

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