Will you help me create a hummingbird plant annaul list?

eric580September 2, 2012

Hi everyone! Just wondering what are some annauls hummingbirds really like for my garden next year. Here are some I already know.

Petunia Gerbera Daisy. Cosmos. Nasturtium. Sage Penstemon. Zinnia



Also if you're a hummingbird fan, you might want to check out a podcast about them on youtube.com. It's called Hummingbird Podcast Part 1 - Migration.

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They love my Buddleias (Butterflybush) ~ have 4 of them planted in a group ~ they feel protected inside the tangled mess of these bushes as they dip into them. As long as you don't mind the scruggly habit of this plant ~ I'm retired & love being out in what I call my OASIS ~ so don't mind clipping spent blooms to encourage/push more blooms!

They will go to any trumpet shaped blooms even love frequenting the Aug blooming Hostas, oh not to forget *Hot Lips* (Chelone)!!!

Have fun adding a few more!!!

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There are a lot of perennials that are treated as annuals in places with real winters. Sometimes they are treated as annuals here as well:

Eccremocarpus scaber (Chilean Glory Vine)
Asarina erubescens (and other Asarinas)
Nicotiana (I think some are annuals, some perennials)
Phaseolus coccineus (Scarlete runner bean--yes, a perennial)

I'm also thinking Rhodochiton atrosanguineum, but mine has been blooming for months and I've never seen a hummingbird visit.

These are just the ones that I'm growing at the moment and that come to mind.

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Oh gosh!! The list of annuals that hummers find attractive is virtually endless :-) In addition to the ones already mentioned:
calibrachoa (Million bells)
scaevola (fan flower)
cuphea (Bat plant, Mexican heather)
4 o'clocks
monkey flower (Mimulus)
California poppy

and pretty much any annual vine......I can't think of any that won't appeal to hummers.

Here is a link that might be useful: great list of hummingbird plants

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Yesterday I saw a hummer visiting some wild morning glory flowers! I usually rip these out as soon as I see them, but I'm leaving these this year.

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Lately I've had a female Rubythroat at Pink Wave Petunia and Impatiens (the ordinary red, white, pink and purple ones at all the stores in spring. Sorry I can't name the variety) and Gartenmeister Fuschia.

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3 years ago I tried a couple of feeders, and found I was not able to keep them filled or clean. The few hummers that did come stopped after a bad run-in with mold. So, instead I've been working on finding plants that do well here (near Kansas City, MO) and that both I and the hummers love. By far the best plant is Black and Blue Salvia, but also my red geraniums, colored but not white lantana, hardy hibiscus and these nifty and very fancy portulaca I found at the farmers market. This past summer I sometimes had 2 or 3 RTHB at a time, but never seen any other species. I even managed to convince them that if I was taking care of the flowers I wasn't a threat and they could still feed. I feed all the birds I can (even the Starlings) but have plans to attract more hummers and (hopefully) a pileated Woodpecker! This year I am planning a fountain/birdbath surrounded by hummer faves, and a new cottage garden type bed with lots of cosmos, bee balm, yarrow and delphinium.

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How wonderful! I am adding a new bed this spring with yellow daylilies. Will the hummers like them?

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terrene(5b MA)

The hummers regularly nectar on my Salvia coccinea, Yvonne's Salvia, Tithonia, and Cleome, as well as some annuals vines like Cardinal climber and Morning glories.

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Bee Balm is my favorite perennial. The hummers love it and each year you have a bigger patch. I like the smell also.
Here in Ohio, red Salvia is my favorite annual. I once found a variety that grew 3 foot tall. It is gorgeous, has a long blooming season and the hummers love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: How To Enjoy Hummingbirds

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Put in this bed (raised, 5 foot across) this year, filled with plants hummers and butterflies like. It has Black & Blue Salvia, Sweet William, Cosmos, Keys of Heaven, Mainacht Salvia, Nasturtium and Lantana. Now I just need some hummingbirds but had to show off a little!

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Pic didn't post, sorry.

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This year and last, the only annual which my two resident Rubythroats couldn't get enough of was Standing Cypress var. Burpee's Hummingbird Mix. The plant seems to be marginally biennial. If I start it early indoors enough of them bloom by mid summer to really satisfy the hummers. Lots of blooms on each plant. Tall and kind of floppy, I stake them. Some wintered over and died in spring. In cold zones, consider them annual.

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