Variegated Hoya Kerrii pink spots: HELP!

HoyaLove(9b)December 11, 2013

Hello, I am looking for help for my H.Kerrii because since last week it shows reddish pink spots on leaves around the green tissue.
Does someone knows what this mean or saw another case like this??
I keep her always moist, lots of filtered light, about 15Celsius indoors(this is winter here), feed with micronutrients in low mineral water pH5-6(because I suspected it could be lack of nutrients) but it keeps getting worse. I do not want to loose her...

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, but I think that's rot setting in & discoloring the leaves. When I've grown this w/ the white edges, it had no pink highlights, I wonder if that's actually brown (& rot, sorry).

Pls. read up on Hoya care, esp. Kerrii, which I believe needs to dry out btwn waterings. I think keeping it moist is the problem, bring rot w/ it.

I can't see the mix or the pot (am assuming a plastic pot inside the white one, & that the plastic one would have holes).

Mix which isn't fast draining or porous will add to the problems when you're keeping it moist. What kind of mix are you using pls? This all matters to why it's ailing. Also, pls. stop fertilizing it, an ailing plant can't really use fertilizer esp if it's slowing down for winter growth.

If it were mine, I'd remove it to check for root rot & then change to a fast draining mix. Good luck!

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I think it's perfectly normal. A lot of variegated plants have pink highlights on the newest leaves - the pink fades as the leaves age.

However, PG is right about NOT keeping Hoya kerrii moist. It is one Hoya that needs to dry out between waterings. But otherwise, it looks perfect to me.

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hiya Denise,

I know a lot of Hoya variegates can have pink highlights that mature to white, I just handn't known Kerris did that too.

So let me back up & apologize & defer to Denise. Since she's recognizing this coloration, clearly she knows this one better, sorry if I alarmed you.

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Hiya Karen! Yes, mine has gotten some pinkness to it at times, when it's getting stronger light. Do you still have yours? I wonder how many you ended up losing during the Sandy debacle?

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Denise,

I tried to post this several hrs. ago, but think GW was having trouble. So I'll try again ...

Speaking of pink leaves on H. variegates, look what I found yesterday, on just a Krimson Queen, but still one we all know & many love, so pretty.

Snowed here yesterday, several inches, so a splash of
color is extra nice.

I no longer have my green & white Kerri (which was hydro); you & I had discussed some of these are unstable & make strange growth, mine pooped out maybe a year ago last Summer.

Thanks for asking abt my losses w/ Hurricane Sandy, it was (IIRC) sadly, lost 7 of the 11 Hoyas w/ which David had gifted me. Am happy to say the Macrophyllas made it. A couple of the other large leafed ones too. Sadly the loss included a couple of cuttings I'd successfully re-hydrated. Oh well!

Glad to say I still have my all green Kerrii which also grows Hydro in Leca stones & bloomed 2.5 yrs. after cutting.

Happy to report Denise that both Sans cylindrica leaves you'd shared w/ me have taken off. Hope you saw I posted some of that, likely as Sans. forum (thanks again).

Hey HoyaLove. Hope you don't mind us using your thread to chat & catch up, we're old C&S & Hoya buddies.

Anyway, glad Denise knew that your plant is fine, enjoy.

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I just love the new red/pink leaves or when Hoyas take on color in the winter, like obscura. Sometimes, it's hard to find that happy medium of light that gives them some red tones, but not so much that the leaves wash out (a look I don't care for...even if it DOES mean more flowers.)

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

What was that about the pink leaves ;>) I hadn't realized I had this one either. It's new (as you can see); common but forever lovely.

never gets old (to me anyway)

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There aren't a lot of species that will color-up for me this far north, which is probably why they fascinate me so much. Here's a few of mine from over the years...
Not just a really red leaf, but kind of a weird one form 'KQ'...

H. obscura...

H. pubicalyx 'Royal Hawaiin Purple' doesn't do this often enough for me...

Another variegated that will sometimes get some pink edges is H. verticillata variegata (which I often see called parasitica...), but I don't seem to have a photo of that one. So, HL, I would relax and enjoy the pink tones - they're highly desirable and will soon fade to just cream color as the leaves age.

Denise in Omaha

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Hi Karen and Denise! It was a real pleasure to read your posts and pics, there is so much to learn from you Hoya's more experienced people.

In fact, the constant MOIST is something I just corrected, thanks for the advice.
She came soilless in coconut fibre and I repotted in commercial cactus mix. Now, I don't want to disturb the little one anymore by repotting again to a more porous pot. But I will do that later.
I bought this little specimen by mail from Thailand, took 1 week to arrive, completely dry.
She was just fine for about 1 month but then: pink spots occurred like I told before.

Now, I attribute this pink tissue to STRONG LIGHT, since the plant did not present it at arrival, as can be seen in next picture I will post.

I am now happy to announce my beloved Variegated Hoya Kerri is a survivor (so far so good!), and she is producing some kind of NEW GROWTH, witch I just can't wait to see what it will be, leave or something else. It means she is alive and that is just great!

So nice to share my concerns with other people here, with same interests but better knowledge. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

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My beloved Variegated Hoya Kerrii when she arrived was like this on left, very good looking!

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Both photos look great. And more light is good, as long as it's not so much it burns. The pink is nice. And congrats on the new growth. It means it's happy!

Denise in Omaha

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