Pee Wee Hydrangeas Behaving Badly

prairiegirlz5March 11, 2010

I planted three 'Pee Wee' hydrangeas next to a north-facing fence. They bloomed nicely and thrived with all the rain we got last year. They didn't drop all of their leaves this past winter, the old leaves are still hanging on. Is that normal behavior for these shrubs? Are they easily transplanted? I want to move them further along the fence-line, in a less prominent spot; these constitute the background of my winter composition.

Also, I may as well ask while I'm here. Does anyone here grow H. serrata 'Blue Billow' in zone 5? Do they bloom well? Thanks for any help.

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While it's not entirely common with paniculatas (it is with oakleafs), holding old foliage through winter can happen, especially in a location that is out of the wind or otherwise sheltered. No big deal :-) The old leaves will fall off when the new leaves emerge. Plants that have not been in the ground very long - a season or two - are very easily transplanted. Best to do so while they are still pretty much dormant. I'd plan on as soon as your soil is workable.

I'll leave someone in a colder zone to address the 'Blue Billows' question :-)

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Thanks gardengal, I forgot to mention, 'Pee Wee' is a dwarf oakleaf. I am relieved to find this is not uncommon. :0)

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LOL!! I read that to be 'Pee Gee', not 'Pee Wee'! Think I needed more coffee when I read/answered that :-) In that case, it is entirely normal and very typical of all oakleaf hydrangeas. My 'Little Honey' is still holding all her old foliage.

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