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tulips101(5a sterling il.)March 9, 2013

I was driving past this house by a friend of mines house.And i saw the have a oakleaf hydrangea i dont know what kind but i do know it is full grown and it is planted only about a foot from the foundation does that mean i can plant my panticulatas and annabells close to the house as long as i keep them prunned so they dont rub on the siding.I have a small side yard in the middle of 2 small flower beds only about 6 feet of grass so that way i can have more shrubs and plants its on the west side of the house.
I would really like to plant some hydrangeasalong the house foundation its only about 30 feet where i can plant i have air conditioning and my drip irrigation comming out of the rest of area.
I sure could use some help i know a little about plannting and such but not much about hydrangeas sure could use some advice Thank You

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Because the foundation cement can leech lime into the soil and make the soil alkaline, it would be best to plant the shrub a few feet away from the house. If the house foundation is old, it may no longer leech lots of lime so then it would not matter if you planted it close (provided you still regularly amended the soil some).

I placed some camellias about 2 ft from the house and the prev owner had some hydrangeas closer to the foundation. The hydrangeas require that I amend the soil in the Spring and (only sometimes) again in mid-summer. The camellias have not had any issues. An Annabelle that I planted about 1 ft away from the foundation has not complained; I amend its soil only once a year but it is relativel;y speaking new shrub.

The thing with the paniculatas is that they can get huge depending on the variety so they may generate more roots towards the foundation and may require that you amend the soil once or twice. It obviously would help if your soil was already acidic as hydrangeas will tolerate alkalinity up to a point without showing too many issues. Meaning that the leaves, for example, may not be dark green but "almost" dark green and may not show the leaf veins darker than the rest of the leaf (a common iron chlorosis symptom).


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