Citrus hybrids what is possible?

farmfreedomDecember 17, 2005

How about pomelos ? what is the largest stain ? And what have they been hybridized with ? Ruby red grape fruit ?

How about the kumquat ? the loquat? "Buddas hand" lemon, lime, orange,manderine orange , nancy, tangerine, tangelos,( tangelos are a tangerine X pomelo but what about back crosses?) others?

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Walter_Pickett(5-6 KS)

Citrus in general will cross. And the hybrids generally are fertile.
One problem with citrus breeding is that the seeds of some cultivars will always be seedless, and those are often also pollenless.
A second problem with citrus breeding is that in many cultivars, seeds make more than one seedling each. Generally the hybrid seedling, if there is one, will be the weakest one starting out. The rest will be formed from maternal tissue, and clones of the mother tree.

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