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bakerhardwoods(5b)October 6, 2012

It was in the lower 40s and raining yesterday afternoon and there is still a hummer on my feeder. I suspect it is the same one I saw on the feeder a week+ ago when there was frost all over everything. What is he doing still here in West Lafayette Indiana? Do some hummingbirds just not know to migrate and die? Is this what they do if they are old, sick or injured?

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jomuir(z5 detroit)

I saw one a week ago in Detroit too! I'm leaving my feeders up till Nov. just in case. Then those hooks are for suet feeders. We get lots of woodpeckers where the hummers were feeding. I love the season changes & wildlife changes along with it.

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Baker, Some hummingbirds can tolerate cold very well. Some of the little Rufous breed in Alaska. The one that spent part of the winter with me seemed very happy when our over night temp was 24 degrees F.

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I hope the bird is okay, but I saw one at the feeder again this past Tuesday, October 9. It appeared to be green without red on the throat, so I assume it is female. At 24 degrees I assume the feeder would freeze and break.

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