Variegated Sapium sebiferum

cajunbarryDecember 16, 2003

Most of you will think I'm crazy, but...for years I have been interested in breeding better varieties of certain woody plants, I'm a hobby plant breeder -- at best. I recently came across a photo of a variegated Chinese Tallow Tree, Sapium sebiferum. I am intersted in getting a specimen of the plant and am hoping to propagate it as an attractive ornamental. I realize the invasive quality of the tree, but I really think that it has potential as an ornamental tree - especially if it can be bred to be seedless, or at least kept in bounds. I would like to focus on cold tolerance, leaf size, shape and color, and somehow minimize it's invasive 'weed tree' qualities. I have only seen a specimen from an Australian site called "Snow Mountain". Any info. would be greatly appreciated...


Anyone know a source for a variegated Sapium?


Image link:

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