hydrangeas in morning sun

containerlover8bMarch 19, 2011

I absolutely love hydrangeas but have very little shade at my house. I think my best bet would be right against the house, facing east. The bed gets full morning sun and full afternoon shade. Any ideas for which varieties might do best in that much sun? Is it hopeless?

Thanks for your help.

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Just about any macrophylla will be happy under those morning sun/afternoon shade sunlight conditions. Try with any one shrub to start to experiment. Then add more in latter years. Over here, summer sun is the problem and the hydrangeas need shade starting between 11am-12pm ish. Check the plant size to make sure it will do well in the bed. Do not put them too close to the walls as that area sometimes tends to be alkaline due to leech from the cement. Maybe plant them 2 ft away or so?

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