My hummers have flew the coop

hummersteveOctober 8, 2007

The last day that I can say I actually had hummers was sat 10/06/07-- I will be taking all my feeders down except for my window feeders for any late comers and I also have my salvia, subrotunda ,and david verity which are still going strong. Have a safe trip hummers ,see you next spring. I will note any late comers that I have.

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nanny56(IN 5b)

Same here. I saw one flying around yesterday, but never saw one at the feeders. I will leave one up till the at November 1 for any late visitors.

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greenjewels(Z8/9 MsGulfCoast)

I only have 2 left. Not as much fun to watch as the 20 or more I had just a few weeks ago but just glad 2 have decided to hang around a little while longer than the rest. Each morning I sit outside with my coffee expecting to see none but then 2 will show up fighting over the 8 feeders we still have up. I thought they were all gone last year by this time but I didn't make any notes so really don't know for sure. This year I'm writing everything down so I can compare to next year.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

I still have one female. Hope by me keeping feeders up not keeping Her here. And it will to late for trip south?. Do still have flowers for Her also.

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novice60(8 ATL)

I have seen one a day since Oct 1. Just one fat female. She does not perch, just feeds. Different times during the day. It was around 5P today.

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Hi koszta_kid, I have read on several sites that you should leave your feeders up for a couple of weeks after you see your last bird.

It sounds like the little guys are programmed to leave when they are fat and healthy enough, whether we have feeders up or not. They say to leave them up for any late comers headed south. I've had one hanging around later than usual and had the same concerns!

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nanny56(IN 5b)

What a a surprise!! I spotted one at the front feeder about 5 minutes ago!

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Mine are gone, and my Pineapple Sage is now in full bloom! Oh, well...I may get a straggler!

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MNature(z6 TN)

I live about 30 minutes west of Nashville, TN. Our hummers left 10/10. Safe journey little ones. See you next year.

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I still have not seen a hummer since Oct 6. It appears they are long gone from here.

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So what do we do now on this forum? I saw my last ones[2]Oct 7. Hummersteve I am south of Indy so mine may have gone with yours. Nanny 56 where are you? I am around 70 miles south of Indy and 40 north of Louisville along the I65 corrider. Just curious.

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I saw my last hummer on October 9 .... Newburgh, in SW Indiana. I think they are all flying south together now. "You-all" down south keep some feeders out to fuel our little friends on their journey .... please.

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For the record Im actually 30mi south of Indy and I intend to keep a couple window feeders up untill around thanksgiving. Last year I kept a feeder up untill after xmas and not one sighting after they left for the last time.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Hey "Y'all", as they say in Texas, I am still seeing hummers down here in south Texas.

I mentioned on another thread that most of mine left last Wednesday, but yesterday I had more come in, maybe a dozen or so. Nothing like the masses at the end of September and the first part of October. I've taken down my large feeders and am using my mini feeders now.

During the height of the migration, I was going through 1 and 1/2 gallons of solution a day. This was way down from prior years. I think the answer to using less sugar this year is because we are not in a drought this year, we have lots and lots of plants for the hummers. I've noticed a lot of them out front in my beds and in the field across the road from me.

And it is best to keep some feeders up for at least two weeks, some say a month, after you see your last hummer. Just make sure the feeders stay clean and the solution doesn't go bad. Some years, I've had hummers overwinter. If the plants are blooming, I let the hummers use them, but if we have the occasional freeze that kills the plants, then I keep feeders up.

As some of you already know, I'm a former Hoosier, 5th generation, born and raised in Benton County, Indiana, about 100 miles NW of Indy!

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My last sighting was about 5 days ago, here in missouri, so I took the feeders down yesterday...long time till spring!!!...

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nanny56(IN 5b)

My, lots of fellow Hoosiers on board here!!

sitter 2007, I live at Heritage Lake which is in Putnam County, approx. 15 miles west of Danville, which is in Hendricks County. The town that we use for mail is Coatesville, but it is actually 7 miles south of us!!

We are between Hwy 36 on the north, 40 to the south and State Road 75 on the east. Terre Haute is about a hour drive to the west.

We are originally from Indianapolis. We live in Boone County for the last 25 yrs. We moved out in in January this year and love it.

Anyhoo, I haven't seen a hummer since the morning of the Oct.10. Infact, I have cleaned and put my feeders up except the 1 have left out. It wil stay out at least until the first of November.

And that is probably way more information than you wanted!! lol

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Wow,, a lot of info being given out on this thread and there are even more hoosiers that follow along on the forum but dont pitch in very often . There is one that Im aware of near brownsburg also in hendrix county, wont mention the name I will let him do that if hes interested. I really dont expect to see any more hummers this year it seems when they leave they are gone, but that being said last year after the summer birds left I did have two separate sightings .

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nanny56(IN 5b)

I love my hummers, but I do watch others birds also. So I will be spending more time at the other birdwatching forums now.

I have a list of all the birds I have been able to ID so far. I am up to 39 and all have been in or flying around my yard except the Bald Eagle which I saw on a walk down my road.

Will be checking out the Wildlife forum too. We have lots of deer, raccons, opossums, coyotes out here.

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Saw solo female 1 week ago: Oct. 8, but have noticed levels going doing in my small mini-feeders. Husband INSISTS hummers have all left, & that lizarts, wasps and butterflies are dining on the nectar... can they drain the levels down 1/2" per day? I think I'm missing one or two passers-by feeding. What do you guys think?

I'm in a small town, south of Baton Route and fellow hummer enthusiasts here are SEEING a few each day!!! Thanks. THis has been my first year and it's been fantastice -- up to 30-35/day! Sad sad days now...

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lovefornature(5B IL)

My last date of seeing a hummer was October 6th (it was a little juvie). Of course, I am not ouside all of the time since we are experiencing much cooler days, but I do not hear them anymore. I am in Central IL.

This Saturday my 2 weeks are up and time to take down the feeders. I wanted to remind everyone that JUST one of the things that make these birds so special to us it that we have a very limited time to see and experience them. They are very fascinating birds and just seeing them for a bit each year makes the experience so much more memorable. Hope that makes sense.

As others expressed, now I will have time to focus on learning about other birds and wildlife habitat. Since winter is coming, now we have much more time to journal and learn!!!

BTW: I was outside every day of the week in my garden, so spring/summers become a busy time for all of us.

Dream of next year and make plans this winter :)

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I think the general rule of thumb is to leave feeders up 1 month after your last sighting for any straggler that may come thru, but I think I will leave a feeder up untill turkey day. Although Im not sure how necessary that is since I have flowers if there is no freeze for a while.

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lovefornature(5B IL)

Thanks hummersteve: I will leave them up for a month instead of two weeks now. I have no flowers this year as it is my first for noticing hummers, but next year I will have plantings!! Newbiee to hummers here, can't ya tell. :)

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For those hummer lovers and garden lovers and those interested in starting a garden for hummers, how to do it and with what, over wintering and everything related and some not related, I highly suggest the " hummingbird forum"

Here is a link that might be useful: hummingbird forum

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