Cuppa Hoya anybody?

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)December 22, 2011

a no ID I've had for a while. Could consider Krimson Queen, except it's not hard & succulent like those leaves, it's thinner leafed, daintier & more leathery to the touch.

I laughingly call it H ficus benjamina, 'cause that's what it always reminds me of, w/ its thin, delicate white outline & dainty, lightly held leaves.

up close, isn't this lovely?

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It's beautiful, whatever it is. Sure looks like Krimson Queen to me.

Hope you're having Happy Holidays. I'm done thru with my shopping, wrapping, etc. Whew!


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It is probably a krimson Queen, just a very young one. I have one in a small pot that has very narrow edge of white. The branch came from my older plant with more white on edge. Maybe it wants to be a 'chimera'? LOL


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