Christmas Flowers

mdahms1979December 26, 2011

I am surprised by the number of blooming plants in my apartment this Christmas. There are several more plants in bloom that I will be photographing soon as well as three more Hoyas that are in bud. I am rather excited about a small growing Hoya species I got from Thailand that is getting ready to develop buds for the first time. A few larger Hoyas are also preparing to flower for their first time as well, some with peduncles that are still quite small. Hoya lobbii is also producing buds again on two peduncles.

Hoya kanyakumariana is blooming for the first time on two peduncles. The buds took much longer than I expected to open. I am hoping to take some more flower comparison photos in the next day or two. This little Hoya took a number of years to bloom for the first time but boy was it worth the wait.

The rest of the photos are of my other plants. I like the frequent blooming tendencies of many Gesneriads so they keep my collection interesting. Many of the orchids bloom only once or twice a year so it's always a special occasion to have something in bloom.

Dendrobium atroviolaceum (pygmy form) is a mini Dendrobium species from New Guinea. The plant is only about 5" tall max and has beautiful nodding flowers that last quite a long time. This is a recent division of my plant that is mounted on a piece of grape vine.

Encyclia polybolbon is still going strong and now has a second flower open.

Kohleria Manchu

Kohleria Green Goblin

Kohleria Bristol's Possible Bronze

Kohleria Bristol's Possible Bronze flowers

Kohleria Bristol's Possible Bronze leaf detail

Happy Holidays.


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Jeez Mike, those are gorgeous! (moment of contemplative silence) Look at those little hairs on the Kohleria! Do the colors look like that IRL?

Someday you will send me a picture that I can put on my wall and say my photographer friend Mike took that? Happy Holidays :)

Kelly in Victoria

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They are so cute and lovely. Beautiful shots, Mike.

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Here are some of my plants flowering and my new maple




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Thanks Kelly :)
You know those crazy colour combinations is what drew me to Kohleria in the first place. They really are that bright and lively in person and they bloom for weeks on each mature growth. These are the plants I grow in my living room so that there is always colour. When friends visit they always want to see blooms and well Hoyas and orchids don't always deliver but the Kohlerias do.

Thanks Sue :)

Cyclonenat that is a nice Japanese Maple. My favorite is the very finely divided serrated leaf form but they are very expensive. It must be pretty well into summer now if your Peony is up but still no blooms? I really do love Peony flowers and wish I had a garden to grow them, the species are amazing but they can really drain a bank account.

More photos to come tonight.


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hi this year it had 2 huge red flowers but now its just its green self,do you know if they flower again before winter?

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OK I was able to take some more photos tonight.

Some size comparison photos of single Hoya flowers.

Hoya obscura single flower

Hoya kanyakumaria single flower

Hoya kanyakumariana flower corona

And now some Orchids.

This is a single flower of Polystachya rosea which is a small flowered orchid species from Africa. The tiny blooms are sequentially opening on a many flowered branched spike.

Bulbophyllum coroliferum var atropurpureum with it's sticky droplets of moisture. The blooms smelled sweet tonight although they often smell musty.

Bulbophyllum coroliferum var atropurpureum single flower profile

Ok that's all for now.

Cyclonenat I believe that hybrid Peonies only flower once per year. Your plant is still small but when they are mature they can have very impressive numbers of flowers. It's a shame the flowers are so delicate and often drop with even a single rain shower. Tree Peonies might be something you would like, not sure if you have seen those.


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Nice pictures! My H. Retusa has bloomed one measly little bloom, but there are other Retusa blooms coming.


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Beautiful flowers, Mike! Congrats on all of them! Love the comparison pictures too!

Cyclonenat, I love your pictures too! I have a few Epiphyllums too and I can't wait for them to bloom! Especially my Epi. oxypetalum!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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cheers for the nice comments should take a photo of my English lavender its flowering to at the moment, i have just bought a japanese raisin tree cant wait till it comes.

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Another Hoya is in bloom and in the next few weeks I should be able to add another three to the list.

This Hoya was purchased as Hoya lacunosa Borneo but it is definitely not Hoya lacunosa. Hoya sp aff walliniana would be a more appropriate name.

In this photo you can see the way that the peduncle turns up to present the flowers. Hoya lacunosa always presents it's flowers facing down. This species also develops beautiful red coloured foliage in bright light.

This is a close relative of the Kohleria I have been posting. This is a flower of Pearcea sp Ecuador which is a beautiful plant that is densely covered in red hairs. I was hoping to hybridize this Peracea with a Kohleria species but no luck so far.


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Beautiful pictures, Mike. I enjoyed them all. I only have blooms on a few sinningia. I still can't figure out how to post pictures.

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Let's see if this works.
Sinningia 'Chippewa Merry Martha'

Sin. Fuschia Treasure
Last pic is Sin. gutata

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Sinningia gutatta is one I will have to try one day. Do you find your plant to be quite tall? I love the spots!


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kathybennie(5 Colorado Springs)

Mike, your photography is exquisite. Thank you for sharing. Ima - gorgeous colors!
Someday I will have some pictures to post, but first, my little hoyas must grow up a bit.

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Thank you Kathy.


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Mike, the s. gutatta grows about 6-8 inches tall. Mine are wicked and sit under lights for 10 hrs a day. They are mixed in with my other sinningia and Saintpaulia (African Violets). I also have Epicia, but not happy with them. They refuse to bloom and just keep making stolons.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Ima,

I don't grow Epicias, but know someone who does. Are yours under the lights as well?

I ask, 'cause they guy I know who grows them does so under lights & his blooms well & often. He grows some Sinningias too under those same lights & they usually also bloom beautifully for him.

PS. Mike your photos really are spectacular (exquisite puts it well) I'm so spoiled here, I forgot to say so. Thx for posting them to delight us all.

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Thanks PG, I love being able to share my photos.


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Lovely pictures, lovely flowers! Thanks for sharing.

LOL exquisite in Portuguese "esquisito" means strange, freak, bizarre.


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Ha ha Mitzi I will take esquisito to! I like things that are a little strange. lol


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Beautiful flowers Mike! The photos are so crisp and clear, too... "exquisite" (English translation :) really is the right word! A real pleasure to look at. I am also continually amazed at your skill in bringing plants into bloom.


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Thanks Beth. Ya know I always feel let down when there are not a few things in bloom. When you have as many plants as I do there had better be something in bloom at all times! LOL
Many orchids bloom in the winter ans spring with much less going on in the hot summer months. The rest of my plants bloom on and off as they wish but there is no denying the seasonality of many plants flowers.


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hi, mike, only now i see your flowers' photo...

very nice flovers , very beautiful photo...

congrats for your capacity and competence..

oh...a very happy 2012 to all of you!!!


    Bookmark   January 6, 2012 at 5:25AM
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